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Old 11-20-2002, 08:56 AM   #1
love, blood, life
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wow..I just had a beautiful moment there........

I did. It was as I was walking back from town with lunch and I have to cross over the 'Albert Bridge' (we have here), and ok, so I've no car yet was absolutely lashin down, and Im walkin toward town for lunch and on the bridge over saw in the distance the rain 'lifting' a bit.........(we can see our mountains through city buildings)........but on the way back, crossing that bridge.....was amazing!

I know I know, this will sound 'sad' to a bunch of u anti-nature party peeps I was walking I could see this 'golden glow' on the huge empty factory type 'shed'....(and its lovely cause the bridge is built over a huge stretch of the River, and on the other side you can see new development being done around old 1900 walls and untouched grounds, and it 'winds' towards the left and stuff - all very nice and part historical! ..)..and on lookin round to my right, the sky in the distance looked so beautiful, for those seconds......the rain had cleared, and both land sides of the River on the left 'wind' round to the right, so that some tall buildings stand out like they were in the middle of the River (its also where you get train to Dublin)........and the sun was breaking through broken golden clouds half-white......and with the reflection on the water and the shadow of tall buildings in the distance.........I truly thought I was looking at a painting......I was blown away.......

I kept stoping and staring then moving on...............

then, then as I approach my work, (just round the corner of the bridge) I was crossing over almost about to go in, there this gap between two very very old buildings across the way and suddenly this gold glow appeared on my face again, and this time the sun broke through, shining on my face, and making me feel damn good there and then.......and it cast a golden glow all over my body which I saw in reflection of the glass on bulding just over my shoulder............

For those split seconds............I was in touch with the reality and beauty of nature - and felt so good and happy to be alive to see it..............

I felt warm, like being encased with love from a non-existant 'thing'......

I felt good, like I was being smiled upon by the sun....

The whole world round me paused, in my mind, just for those, and only for those few seconds........I just cancelled everything out........and shared my moment, with history and nature.............

Funny how some moments take u back in time and make u think of certain songs or re-live things you did or happened to me...............................

.....for a few seconds.............cause nothing last forever.......only time is short....and seconds not long enough, as everything forever it changed quick. And even if you can't always connect with humans, if you can with nature....'re home.


can I apologise for boring anyone or being too detailed, I truly cannot help it, I really work at tryin to express myself in the most detailed way......esp, if its fresh in my head....I feel the need to write it down and

anyway, have any one else here had a 'feel-good, glad-to-be-alive' moment they'd like to share?

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What a picture - your stories are *never* boring maddie!

I actually was in awe of the moon last night - it was the brightest I've ever seen it, had an amazing aura around it. Sometimes you've just got to take a moment to stop and admire God's beautiful creation.

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Maddie I'm a true nature freak....that sounds so beautiful...

I nature
"....But all I ever hear from you is "
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love, blood, life
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Oh believe me, it was!

Daisy, come to Belfast and have a midnight moment on the bridge with me.....with nature..........

History and nature.....two very important things to me......I suppose I cant connect with humans a I feel more expressive in mind with nature of skies, animals.....etc........

For me, anyway, its a beautiful way to be.........

For others who arent like that, they are happier to be more connected with human friends......thats important too.......but I will never have that.........Ive come this far without it....nature is my friend now....

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Holy Shite. That's a profound and well-written piece, maddie.
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love, blood, life
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WOW!! thats pretty!!

psst Maddie, when I come to Ireland next year will you show me around Belfast bc I have specific spots i want to go to bc my gram was born there and lived in Belfast for 21yrs. So i want to make sure I go to the right places and dont get lost!

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that sounds beautiful maddie! I love moments like that!

Your story reminded me of when my parents took me to London back in '88 when I graduated from High was our last day there, so we didn't have much planned, no sight seeing, no tours, no shows, etc...

We decided to go for a walk, just to see a little more of the city before we left, even though it was pouring rain as it often does in London...We didn't care that we were getting the sun started setting, it peeked through the clouds a couldn't actually see the sun, but the orange-ish glow was everywhere...kind of surrealistic glow to the sky, the buildings, the street, the puddles of water reflecting it, everything...we just walked for hours....I'll never forget it.

I wish I had a pic of that bridge of yours maddie...I'd do a painting of it

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