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Originally posted by OzAurora:

- I cant stand R'n'B and I can honestly say that is like U2 brought out an album in thisstyle I would probably dislike it-
Do not confuse RnB, which by the way stands for Rhythm and Blues, for Pop. Destiny's Child is pop, not true RnB. And if you think U2 has not made songs that have STRONG RnB influences, you'd better ask them, or listen again, Im sure you'd be surprised at their answer.

..I just cant stand all of that forever and ever wailing and lets see how far I can show of my vocal chords kind of music..
And which U2 is it that you've been listening to?? This is what Bono is known for!! As were most of the 'rock' acts out of the 80s! Remember, soul-rock, rock-soul, whatever?


...in regards to bands like U2- a lot of their work is not asdisposable- they are not as 'single' driven as your average one hit wonder- a lot of people who might get into a U2 song when they hear it might instead of just buying the single go out and buy the entire album - therefore leaving them in little contention for top spots on the singles charts-
Ummm, and Stuck in A Moment won a Grammy in which category, exactly? Your theory also completely falls down in reference to their most recent album. Most of the singles on that album were released AFTER the full album, and still did very well. The whole purpose of a single is to make your song accessible to the masses who may not necessarily want to purchase the entire album. Most 'hits' radio stations also are restricted to only playing mainly singles, so if a band doesnt release singles from their LPs, the masses won't hear their songs on the radio and likewise won't buy them. U2 has generally been very smart in this regard, releasing just the right number of singles to get people interested (these would be mainly new or casual fans, us hardcores would buy their album if it was rap for crissakes..lol..) in the album without giving it all away on the airwaves.

Not that any of these postulations come close to explaining how that dreadful Oh Brother foolishness beat out ATYCLB...


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The Flower
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Is there ANY topic that can't be turned into an argument here???

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Originally posted by Bono's American Wife:
Is there ANY topic that can't be turned into an argument here???
I think that if everyone listened to that "Rock Show" song (or watched the video), we'd all agree that it's horrible. I hope. And then we could all live in harmony.

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Originally posted by u2popmofo:
Madonna's cover of American Pie. Man, that was TERRIBLE.
Geez, you think that's bad? Listen to the original sometime.

My vote goes to Lady Marmalade, the "who-can outshriek-each other" version done by Mya, Pink and Christina Boobalaria.

And the answer is no, BAW. Everyone's always going to be bitchy about something.
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Haa-hoo there's alot of worse songs than Bodies by drowning pool. I don't think I'll begin to name any because of the magnitude of songs that pop into my mind. I mean how many people like any of Jennifer Love Hewitt's stuff?
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this is MY OPINION...so don't get mad

anything slutney beers or n'suck or backstreet fools...etc etc etc

joost when i thought lyrics couldn't be more innane...look what's new! they're ruining it for my entire generation
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Moby's 'We Are All Made of Stars'

that probably took him 2 minutes to derive out of his bald head


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