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I just have a funny mental image of someone trying to jerk off a CD.

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I haven't heard X&Y yet, but I loved Parachutes, and AROBTTH...I still think that album is awesome. I remember when I first heard "Clocks" on the radio. I was driving on the Interstate, and I was so blown away I almost had to pull over. When I got home I immediately ordered both AROBTTH and Parachutes on the Internet. If this album sounds like AROBTTH, this definitely means this band has artistic limitations. That being said I love AROBTTH so much I think I can enjoy this new album, even if it's not exactly the most brilliant album I've ever heard in my life. Yeah, I'm a sucker.

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Originally posted by Palace_Hero
What I don't understand, is why because Miggy D spent time with the album and likes it, his/her (I'M SORRY, SO SORRY!) opinion is more valid?

Not a dig at Miggy, your opinion is yours. But I believe I have also given this album a real chance (I've listened closely, listened as I've gone to bed, had it in the car... etc). And I really think this is a mediocre effort and an album without potential.

Now does that make me a diehard U2 reactionary? Because I don't like the album, does that mean I haven't given it enough of a chance?

Coldplay have tried much much too hard here. A Rush of Blood to the Head was a display in using synths properly to pad out a song. They compliment the sound and create soundscapes unmatched in 2002. Even on Everything's Not Lost on Parachutes, the use of a soft, underlying synth grounded one of the best songs on the album. On X & Y if feels like they are tring to fill sounds that don't need filling by using synths. It creates a complicated sound that has no real direction or purpose, it gives the illusion of being good, but when you listen to it, it really isn't.

The sound is muddy and cold. The problem here is that I honestly don't believe the aim was to create a cold, detatched sound.

'X & Y sees the completion of this musical arc

I don't think so. I believe it is taking an idea too far. Chris Martin is trying oh so hard to sound intellectual, provocative and interesting, when in all seriousness he sounds like a wanker now.

His lines in the first two albums were precise and beautiful, but in this album he is rambling for the sake of rambling. And very cliched.

I believe in X & Y that Coldplay are trying to create an evolved, intelligent sound. However in doing this they have sacrificed their heart and covered up their sound. Leaving the record bare and lifeless.

This was not the time to put out this album, and even if the time was right, this isn't the album they should have put out.
great post ...i, also, have been giving this album much listen and heavy rotation on my ipod hoping that it'll just click and i'll learn to embrace it as the last 2 albums which im quite fond of.
but coldplay seemes to try too hard that it fails, the lyrics are a bit lengthy and to me feel like chris tried too hard and cannot sum up what he wants to say so keeps writing and writing but never arrives. i dont think its a horrible album but i dont think tis as great as the magazine reviews ive read make it out to be. as of now, they mostly have excesswive hype going for them and teenage fans.

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