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Old 05-17-2002, 05:08 AM   #1
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Who else works with annoying colleagues!!!!!

...I mean, I do for one.......!!!!! So bloody annoying!!!!!!

Like one guy comes down the stairs to go to the canteen and for some fecking reason he just feels its necessary and just has to talk to me - EVERYtime he comes down them, and talks a great big pile of shit too, so I have to respond with a great big pile of shit......guess thats why the reception stinks like! AND he huffs if u dont give him much response!!!!!!

Another one felt the need to always whistle when comin down, so fuking annoying and the more I told him to stop, the more he kept at it (big mistake on my part, obviously. .) - but I tink I have stopped it now after saying to him I wonder what his wife would tink if I told her, next time she calls, that he whistles to me...............?????

Another one isnt quite all there, and if if IF, FUCKING IF u dont have the right expression on ur face or ur looking a certain way, he asks 'whats wrong with ya'...or in the past has said stupid things like 'what bit ur ass?', 'what rattled ur cage?', or 'what side did u get out of?'...............I mean if I have tings on my mind and dont feel all that talkative all the time....am I not entitled, without this pile of shite comin from someone who says it within seconds if u dont respond 100% to what they want???? Well it pisses me off sometimes, I do wanna throw my computer at him, and trying to explain these moments? well.............

and there are handfuls of great big male bimbos in my place..................who play games...............and all that shit!!!!

I actually find myself gettin bored even driving to work every mornin.....!!!!!!!!!!
Maybe this is one major thing thats gettin me down

mind u these guys would help u in an instant and be mature in an instant, but why the fuking need to act 80% immature most of the time, huh????

but do any of u out there work with 'a**holes' or weirdos or just......whateva!!!!!

do tell..........

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I sit by three very immature girls. The youngest being 19, and the oldest being 25.

I don't like to call people this....but they are white trash. They talk about cheating on their boyfriends or how many guys they're seeing or who's hot. they are very rude and make little comments about everyone here at work. they all talk on the phone forever. I've heard details about their sex life, about everything in their life. One of them talks about how her family is so messed up. talks in that stupid little white trash drawl..."HEY MA, GET OFF THE DANG ROOF!". she will be the first to go.

the youngest has talked about her visits to the gynocologist cause she is scared she is pregnant. just horrible stuff.

I get into arguments all the time with them. I am just waiting for one of them to slip up with their mouths again, and these "ladies" will be fired.

thank god I can listen to music, cause it gets to be too much. and yes I have complained, but nothing has been done. So next time I will be in contact with the president.

I don't wish this fate for anyone. Hopefully a job I'm waiting on will hurry up.

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