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Old 08-01-2001, 06:58 AM   #16
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This is really, really hard, I grew up with the Beatles more so than the Stones and have probably only just in later life found myself appreciating the Stones.......I think I know more of the Beatles stuff, man this is hard, but I love the Stones, their image, Keef, Jagger, they are very cool, but then there is the Beatles,,,,,,,,,,,hhhhmmmm I DONT KNOW!!!!!!!!!CANT DO IT>>>>>>>>>>>

anyway fave 'obscure' songs from each...

Beatles= Being for the benefit of Mr Kite, from Sgt Peppers

Stones= 2000 light years from home, from Their Satanic Majesties Request

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Old 08-01-2001, 07:29 AM   #17
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Beatles! I mean...who can't love that plasticine porter guy?

"What's with all the glitter? I thought you didn't like our mirrorball lemon and shit. Well it's too late to change your mind now." -- Bono, Indianapolis, May 10, 2001

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Old 08-01-2001, 10:20 AM   #18
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Originally posted by Naya:
This is really tough...Really, really tough !

I would have to go with The Beatles. I guess their songs have touched me more. Also I would rather meet a Beatle than a Rolling Stone. They seem friendlier !

But you could have a U2 discussion with Mick Jagger, George Harrison just thinks their pretentious crap.
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Old 08-01-2001, 10:44 AM   #19
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The Beatles, in a no-brainer. THE most original and influential band of all time. I agree with Brettig that the Stones hurt their legacy by hanging around too long.

Originally posted by UnforgettableLemon:
But you could have a U2 discussion with Mick Jagger, George Harrison just thinks their pretentious crap.
Just George Harrison, though...who knows what Ringo and Paul think. Charlie Watts, the Stones drummer, thinks rock music is rubbish anyways, so he's probably not a big U2 fan either.

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Old 08-01-2001, 01:40 PM   #20
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I know little of the music of either of those bands, but I'll say Beatles because I generally tend to like their music better.
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Old 08-01-2001, 07:23 PM   #21
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Originally posted by UnforgettableLemon:
But you could have a U2 discussion with Mick Jagger
For some odd reason, I don't think Jagger would be interested in conversing with me...I think he would rather do something else !!!

He's a manwhore !!!
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Old 08-01-2001, 10:58 PM   #22
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BUT hell, really its "apples and oranges". The Stones rule. No doubt.
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Old 08-04-2001, 07:02 PM   #23
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The Stones b/c they are my favorite band ever next to u2. Yes there is room at the tip of my heart for more than 1 band. I own just as much Stones records as U2 records and can sing along with every tune they've ever written from a to z. And thats not just words but also music sounds.

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Old 08-05-2001, 06:12 AM   #24
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Old 08-05-2001, 11:21 PM   #25
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i'm gonna go with the stones. they made some cool music.
haven't been able to stomach enough beatles music to have an opinion on them...

have a nice day!
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Originally posted by UnforgettableLemon:
But you could have a U2 discussion with Mick Jagger, George Harrison just thinks their pretentious crap.
And George would know about pretentious crap, wouldn't he?

...a highway with no one on it, a treasure just to look upon it...

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