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Originally posted by UnforgettableLemon
faces down, playing main riff.
Hair in face while sing.
Emphasis on "fact"

softly singing the refrain... getting louder on second time... screaming by end

first guitar solo... lots of one handed rocking out goodness
now he's sort of stumbling arond and side-shuffling

back to the calm and quiet delivery
'My strength is ten-fold woman" then wipes hair out of face (you'll probably love this)

(sorry, I missed this part, I was watching Meg's um... drumsticks)

second solo- more intense than first, hunching over guitar intently

second solo still going strong (Along with Meg's.... drumsticks)

Now he's dancing... sort of... like a primitive Edge "Mysterious Ways" shimmy

Slowing to a halt... all hail the incredible segue into "Let's Shake Hands"

I really don't know how to sexualize a guy playing guitar, so I'm not sure it was tease-y enough for you

I just *love* him! I think they are amazing live.

Thanks for the description I really needed that...I think I need to be alone now...damnit! Why must I be at work, surrounded by people!

I need a cigarette (and I don't even smoke).

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Well, I got this DVD for myself for Christmas since no one bought it for me.

I must say it was one of the most bizarre things I have ever seen. I love the White Stripes and have never seen them live, so I was really excited when the DVD came in the mail.

The music itself was absolutely great, but someone (UnforgettableLemon I think) mentioned that the image quality was not great, and he's right. Slane this is not. Also, Jack didn't interact with the crowd much--and he should have, because he's very gracious and funny when he does! He still calls Meg his sister, which is absolutely hilarious.

Watching Meg, incidentally, was even more fun in a way than watching Jack, because her style of drumming is so odd, and yet her facial expression hardly ever changes. I must say, I completely get why so many guys find her so hot now--she's strangely compelling. I guess she really is the female version of Jack.

And is it just me, or is there serious sexual tension between Meg and Jack? I'm just glad I know they're not really brother and sister.

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Originally posted by paxetaurora
And is it just me, or is there serious sexual tension between Meg and Jack? I'm just glad I know they're not really brother and sister.
That's one of my issues with the DVD as well - the picture is too grainy to watch it on a regular basis (which I had been looking forward to doing.)

And it's not just you - that's one of the great things about watching the White Stripes. Their sexual tension can melt walls as far as I'm concerned. I love that they don't use a setlist - they just look at each other for a segue.

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jack white, meg white, the white stripes, under blackpool lights, white stripes

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