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Old 03-16-2004, 12:12 AM   #16
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Originally posted by Mr. BAW

is it to late to start bowing?????????????
You can bow to me anytime you want

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Hell test score: 3

Dante test: You are one of the lucky ones! Because of your virtue and beliefs, you have escaped eternal punishment. You are sent to Purgatory!

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First Level - Limbo

I probably scored that, due to answering one question regarding science and reason. After all, in the medieval times, science and reason were heresies against "the Truth": whatever the Catholic Church told you to believe.

(I scored moderately in Purgatory, along with the second level. And, for some odd reason, I scored "High" in the violent level, which makes no sense, considering that I never answered anything violently.)

However, it is certainly interesting to see Dante's ranking of sin. Being a traitor is the worst sin of all, while Dante shows a great amount of sympathy for non-Christian Greco-Roman figures by putting them in Limbo for all eternity, as, by the sheer fact that they are unbaptized, they can never progress beyond that, no matter how virtuous they were in his eyes.

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first test... 116... above average according to this scale, but according to all of your scores then i'm goin' straight to hell...

second test... 8th level...

i'm going to hell... cool.
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Old 03-16-2004, 11:10 AM   #20
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Originally posted by Headache in a Suitcase
first test... 116... above average according to this scale, but according to all of your scores then i'm goin' straight to hell...

second test... 8th level...

i'm going to hell... cool.

Just to make you feel a little cooler....I scored a 120.......
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5th level of hell...
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Old 03-16-2004, 11:47 AM   #22
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goin' to hell is coooool
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Old 03-16-2004, 11:57 AM   #23
you are what you is
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1. Score: 19
0-20 A life with Church is too corrupt for you

2. Third Level of Hell


In the third circle, you find yourself amidst eternal rain, maledict, cold, and heavy. The gluttons are punished here, lying in the filthy mixture of shadows and of putrid water. Because you consumed in excess, you meet your fate beneath the cold, dirty rain, amidst the other souls that there lay unhappily in the stinking mud. Cerebus, a canine monster cruel and uncouth with his three heads and red eyes, dwells in this level. He growls and tears at the damned with his teeth and claws

hmm, seems like work and hell are a lot alike
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Old 03-18-2004, 12:10 PM   #24
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50--I'm boring.
I'm apparently going to be checking out Purgatory.
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Old 03-18-2004, 12:56 PM   #25
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1. 126
2. 7th level

Hey, what can I say, I been around.
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Old 03-18-2004, 01:05 PM   #26
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The wretched King Minos has decided your fate. His tale wraps around his body 7 times.
The sweet light no longer strikes against your eyes. Your shade has been banished to... the Seventh Level of Hell!
Seventh Level of Hell


Guarded by the Minotaur, who snarls in fury, and encircled within the river Phlegethon, filled with boiling blood, is the Seventh Level of Hell. The violent, the assasins, the tyrants, and the war-mongers lament their pitiless mischiefs in the river, while centaurs armed with bows and arrows shoot those who try to escape their punishment. The stench here is overpowering. This level is also home to the wood of the suicides- stunted and gnarled trees with twisting branches and poisoned fruit. At the time of final judgement, their bodies will hang from their branches. In those branches the Harpies, foul birdlike creatures with human faces, make their nests. Beyond the wood is scorching sand where those who committed violence against God and nature are showered with flakes of fire that rain down against their naked bodies. Blasphemers and sodomites writhe in pain, their tongues more loosed to lamentation, and out of their eyes gushes forth their woe. Usurers, who followed neither nature nor art, also share company in the Seventh Level.

Here is how you matched up against all the levels:
(Click on a level for more info)
Level Who are sent there? Score
Purgatory Repenting Believers Very Low
Level 1 - Limbo Virtuous Non-Believers Very High
Level 2 Lustful Low
Level 3 Gluttonous Low
Level 4 Prodigal and Avaricious Low
Level 5 Wrathful and Gloomy Moderate
Level 6 - The City of Dis Heretics High
Level 7 Violent Very High
Level 8- the Malebolge Fraudulent, Malicious, Panderers High
Level 9 - Cocytus Treacherous Moderate

On the other, I'm a 51, approaching normal.
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Old 03-19-2004, 03:27 PM   #27
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1 - 60: Approaching normal: You arent much fun on a date

2 - Second Level of Hell


You have come to a place mute of all light, where the wind bellows as the sea does in a tempest. This is the realm where the lustful spend eternity. Here, sinners are blown around endlessly by the unforgiving winds of unquenchable desire as punishment for their transgressions. The infernal hurricane that never rests hurtles the spirits onward in its rapine, whirling them round, and smiting, it molests them. You have betrayed reason at the behest of your appetite for pleasure, and so here you are doomed to remain. Cleopatra and Helen of Troy are two that share in your fate.

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has anyone ended up next to judas yet? just wonderin
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and level 1

tell me why sex in a public place is so bad?
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40 you barely make our scale

Sixth Level of Hell - The City of Dis


You approach Satan's wretched city where you behold a wide plain surrounded by iron walls. Before you are fields full of distress and torment terrible. Burning tombs are littered about the landscape. Inside these flaming sepulchers suffer the heretics, failing to believe in God and the afterlife, who make themselves audible by doleful sighs. You will join the wicked that lie here, and will be offered no respite. The three infernal Furies stained with blood, with limbs of women and hair of serpents, dwell in this circle of Hell.

So Im a heretic. I actually quite like that.

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