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oh, and i went to college with claire danes and a host of TV personalities: a couple of 'wonder years' cast members, darlene from "roseanne", and kelli martin (of "ER" and "Life Goes On" fame).

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Ok so as u all know (well the nice Pleba ladies, inc Miss Gina Marie) Im thoroughly addicted to Jimmy Nesbitt.........but I have seen Bono, Edge (hey Pleba YET have to read those stories!!!!! ); when they were around - Bewitched - who are all 4ft tall; that big hammerhead, (whatcha call him, hes got no teeth........ummmmmmmm) *tinks* - oh yes, well that big smelly fecker from The Pogues: seen Adam Claytons leg; uhhhhm thats it really........cause



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Originally posted by Crzy4Bono:

Jimmy Buffet
Ohmyholygodinheaven. Jimmy Buffet is so great. His music is just so much fun. Where did you meet him? Is he nice? Wow. You've met the Jimmy. I'm so jealous.
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I've never met him but I run into Colonel Oliver North in the locale supermarket from time to time. He lives here so maybe that doesn't count.

Dan Ackroyd's in-laws live close by...I've seen him here but haven't met him.

I once saw Larry King in a locale Howard Johnsons.

The most famous person I've actually met was Jack Kent Cooke...the late owner of the Washington Redskins. My husband was his driver and he got to meet lots of famous people but they didn't impress him all that much...that's one reason he got the job. Mr. Cooke didn't want someone who went gaga every time he was asked to pick up someone famous at the airport.

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Harrison Ford
Demi Moore
Steve Buscemi
Michael Clark Duncan
Mandy Moore
Rob Schnieder
Mariah Carey
Bruce Willis
Frazuka Balk
Liv Tyler
Billy Bob Thorton
Kathy Bates
Sydney Pollack
Michael Bay
William Fichtner(the confederated products guy from GO)
Owen Wilson
Mellisa Joan Hart
Adam Sandler
Iggy Pop(Just shook his hand after a concert, but damnit, I shook IGGY POP'S hand!)
King Missle

George Clinton and most of P-Funk(what was cool other than meeting him is that we were filming a disney promo and we got a free concert. Clinton played WE WANT THE FUNK over and over for about 3 to 5 hours. I'm not sure of the time cuase each performance was brilliant. I couldn't believe I was enjoying the same song over and over but Clinton and his band knew how to keep the fever up. Add that to the fact I got to meet one of my musical heroes and get paid for it, that was a fun day. The promo never aired for some reason, they cut the performance out except for one shot from far away, I think it may have been because the keyboardist kept his middle finger up a majority of the time.

Henry Wrinkler(He was the nicest and coolest person followed by Buscemi and Harrison Ford)I convinced Wrinkler to stick his hand in fire, but that's another story.

All the people in MatchBox Twenty

That Woman from the English Patient(Kristen Scott Thomas? I dunno, she was in Random Hearts too.)

All of CREED(I also knew Scott as a kid, his parents used to yell at me whenever I Was around, which really wasn't often. His dad is a dentist and screwed up the teeth of every person in my family except for me and my dad.)

Ben Affleck(he hit on my mom, but he was kidding)(Actually my brother did a movie with that kid from Home improvement and Mark Hammel[Luke] and he tickled my mom, so I dunno, maybe my mom is just bait)

The nicest person I've heard about is Anthony Hopkins. My grandfather was in INSTINCT as one of the mental patients, just a glorified extra really. My grandfather is about 70 and in better shape than I am, but he's thin and looks frail. I guess Hopkins noticed this and invited my Grandfather to eat with the Cast, so my grandfather instead of getting the normal food got Lobster, Steak, whatever. The funniest thing is that my Grandfather has no real idea of who Hopkins is, or Cuba Gooding Jr., so he didn't even think much of it.

The other cool thing Hopkins did; He promised to give everyone autographs and such on a certain day. The day before he messed up his ankle somehow and couldn't walk for a bit, he came in the day he promised anyway and signed autographs from a wheel chair.

I'd never put a list like this together, kinda fun. I think there's more, but I can't remember.

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