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Old 01-31-2002, 04:26 PM   #16
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Elliot Smith, but most of you probably don't know who he is so I guess I haven't really met anyone that famous.

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Old 01-31-2002, 04:42 PM   #17
Elvis' Naughty Angel
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Fun topic! lol Ok, I have met some, almost met some etc...
Some were a long time ago and some Canadian TV personalities you probably haven't heard of.

Hockey Players-

*Russ Courtnall- His brother works in my bldg. and I see him from time to time in the summer. Super nice people.
*Geoff Courtnall- Same as above, but I did happen to meet him at a nightclub in '94 a few weeks after they (The Canucks) made it to the Stanley Cup Finals... and I asked him to dance, lol!! But he said he didn't think his wife would appreciate that.


*Drew Barrymore- well... kinda. Many years ago when she was dating the guy from 'Hole' I was at Lollapalooza at the Gorge in Washington and she was down hanging out backstage by the trailers and we yelled down to her and she yelled back up to us for a mo. Super sweet.
*MacGyver- lol! Richard Dean Anderson. David Foster used to have celebrity baseball games in my town, hence- MacGyver.


*MuchWest guy- Uhm... Terry David Mulligan
*Dan (big guy, blonde hair). Hmmm, Dan... used to be a MUch DJ, then had his own show. He has since passed away.


*MOBY! - super, super nice guy.
*Bob Geldoff- he said hello, lol
*Gavin Friday- same as above.
*Bono?- sorta, not really
*Edge?- same as Bono. (They were a feet away but we missed out)
*Courtney Love- kinda, not really, lol. I have a lot of that. She bumped into me at Lollapalooza. Her and Melissa Auf Der Mar (sp?) back in their good ole heroine days...


*Paul MacGuiness- really nice man too. When I asked to take a picture of him, he was like 'If ya really want to' lol!

I think that's it. Nothing too spectacular.

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Old 01-31-2002, 04:59 PM   #18
love, blood, life
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Originally posted by HelloAngel:
Girl, lemme tell ya what that fartknocker did -

I was at Heathrow airport in London when I noticed Louie Anderson was in the same elevator as me and my sister.. once we get off, I said to him: "Sir, are you Louie Anderson?"

He looked at me, rolled his eyes, mumbled "Yes" then burped at me and walked away!!! GAO to HIM!!!!!!!!
I can confirm - he was an ass when I saw him at a gathering. I avoided him. To add to it, he may have been drunk too (makes celebrities more of an ass)!

I have met a lot of celebrities (not bragging by any means, I do not like the 'celebrity' hype), but my favorite was Bill Murray. I was actually nervous around him - but he was great.

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Old 01-31-2002, 05:21 PM   #19
I Serve Larry's Stick
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I've met (huge list, be prepared! haha):

*Anthony Michael Hall (very sweet guy--but I had this strange desire to call him FarmerTed)

*Pat, the drummer from Weezer--very cool guy

*Brian, the guitarist from Weezer--not quite an asshole, just doing business (sign autograph, move on, no small talk)

*The replacement bass player in Weezer (for the guy who was in the mental institution)--very cool guy

*Bob Sura--used to be the point guard for the CAVS

*Vitaly Potapenko--another ex CAVS player, very sweet guy

I think that's it!

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Old 01-31-2002, 05:58 PM   #20
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Glenn Close
George Stroumboulopoulos
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Old 01-31-2002, 05:59 PM   #21
Sizzlin' Sicilian
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I saw Johnny Depp leaving his club "The Viper Room" in a pink thunderbird in LA a few years ago.

I saw Kevin Spacey leaving Mel's Diner in LA in disguise.

Hmm I saw Jerry Rice at the supermarket.

But I've never talked to any of them.. And I've never met anyone from U2.

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Old 01-31-2002, 06:08 PM   #22
The Fly
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I met Ron Jeremy- the porn star? You know, the hedgehog? Yea.. notiti got a kiss from him!! I've also met Doug E. Doug. He was pretty cool, too.

Southern playalistic
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Old 01-31-2002, 06:37 PM   #23
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Great Topic!

I met Dennis Leary a few years back, my friends and I had a pizza with him

The irish guy from Titanic- why cant I remember his name?

Almost ALL the current Boston Red Sox players as well as many of the old time greats - Any Boston fans out there Brian Rose is the nicest guy and the world and very fun to drink with

Ted Johnson from the patriots

Cam Neely

I think there are a few others but I cant thin of them right now!

Holy Jesus, Holy rock and roll...
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Old 01-31-2002, 07:11 PM   #24
The Fly
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ooh ooh i forgot!
I put my arm on Pat Rafter's shoulder once and congratulated him bwhahaa!!


I also saw Cate Blanchett in the city once.
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Old 01-31-2002, 11:17 PM   #26
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Steve Tasker from the Buffalo Bills....

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Old 02-01-2002, 12:00 AM   #27
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Originally posted by SkeeK:
Cool! Nice to meet ya Skeek, I've met Skeek!

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I met Sicy
Angel in Las Vegas..


and Hello Angel also..almost forgot..

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John Cleese laughed at me once.
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The late, great Phil Hartman
The late, great Chris Farley(see a trend here?)
David Spade
Ellen Cleghorne
Kevin Nealon
Mike Myers
Julia Sweeney
and very recently..the guy who played Webster!


When I grow up I'll be stable...

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