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Old 02-05-2004, 05:10 PM   #16
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Well you younguns are just taking off Give it a few years, and they'll be tons of famous people born in the eighties- maybe even you

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I had the same due date as Prince Harry, but I think he's a few days younger than me (Sept. 11, 1984)

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I'm a few days older than Tom Cruise.
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Henry David Thoreau,
I was talking about him yesterday on here...
and he has my fuckin' birthday.
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Originally posted by ILuvLarryMullen
no one was born within a month of me. The closest i could find was one of the boys from Hanson which i am 3 months older than and Kieran Culkin which i am 3 months younger than

also born within a year of me:
Kelly Clarkson
Kirsten Dunst
Michelle Branch
Anna Paquin
jessica Biel
Tara Lipinksi
Leelee Sobieski
Prince William

can i have a new year ?
Yes, you are now free to pick a new year.

I might need a new year too:

February 1979:
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Tarina Young (supermodel)
Mena Suvari is a day older than me and was born in the same state. Maybe I AM Mena...you never know!

Laura Dern, Greg Norman, and Robert Wagner all have the same birthday as me.
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Bono, Adam Clayton and Hugh Grant were all born the same year as me.
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i share a birthday with denis rodman i however was born in 1984.

as for celebrites around my age? i'd have to use some brain cells (something i seem short on lately)...
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Old 02-07-2004, 02:20 AM   #23
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Louis XVI of France (1754);



Beatles Singles
She Loves You/I'll Get You
Parlophone R5055 - August 23, 1963
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Noel Coward.
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On September 1st ...

1957 Gloria Estefan, Cuban born Pop singer
1946 Barry Gibb, Singer and guitarist ('Bee Gees')
1933 Conway Twitty, Rock star and country music act in the 1950's
1931 Lord (Cecil) Parkinson, Conservative politician
1923 Rocky Marciano, American former boxing champion
1875 Edgar Rice Burroughs, American novelist
1854 Engelbert Humperdinck, German composer
1834 Amilcare Ponchielli, Italian composer

I couldn't find anyone born in the same year (1983) for the same date.
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Old 02-08-2004, 05:48 AM   #26
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Well the closest person to me would be Jessica Biel who was born in 82', I was born in '86.
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I was born the same day, month and year as Little Romeo
Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is less than one month older.
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Originally posted by cass
1961....what a great year!
I always feel good knowing their cute singer is almost a year older than me...and people still love him....'cept he's talented and famous
You betcha!

November- me!

Seabird, is there some program you used to find this out? I am the local "trivia queen" so yes, I'm curious.
You know, I am such a pathetic, useless trivia collector, I just knew it. I remember stuff like that, I'll see their birthday and think, hey, they're almost my age. I have a thing for birthdays, I remember celebrities, historical figures, family members, most anybody I meet, once they tell me I never forget.
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adam & eve
“Some scientists claim that hydrogen, because it is so plentiful, is the basic building block of the universe. I dispute that. I say there is more stupidity than hydrogen, and that is the basic building block of the universe.”
~Frank Zappa
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Originally posted by kennerado
Well the closest person to me would be Jessica Biel who was born in 82', I was born in '86.
Closest? You forgot....

The Olsen Twins and Charlotte Church were born in 1986.

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