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Old 07-26-2004, 02:53 AM   #46
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Originally posted by HeartlandGirl
I heard lyrics saying that (and I paraphrase) "If I were president, I'd make sure everyone believed in God, and those who didn't could get the hell out of the country" and lyrics saying wouldn't it be great to resurrect John Wayne and have him kick Saddam Hussein's ass. It's fine if you want to support the war, but it left a bad taste in my mouth about freedom of religion to hear those lyrics. And it's just so over the top to mention John Wayne in reference to Saddam. There were other lyrics that bothered me too, mostly in reference to how those who didn't support the war could rot in hell like the traitors they are.


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Anyone here heard the Moby & Public Enemy song "Make Love & F*ck War" ?

Pearl Jam "Bushleager"

There are some out there.

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Old 07-26-2004, 11:56 AM   #48
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Diemen, you're right about living in the right or wrong places. I'm sure S.F. has more liberal tendacies that Oklahoma, but I'm talking BIG PICTURE, here. Looking a Billboard magazine week after week, you'll find the only war-protest songs are on classic rock.

That's a good point, though.

Yeah, and Springsteen considered a conservative is laughable. But, he is filthy rich...and most people who fit that description are conservative with their money. Maybe he's just against idiots running the country. That's admirable.

On a side note: Last night I sang karaoke and did the song "China Girl" by David Bowie. During the line about "I stumble into town...like a sacred cow...visions of swastikas in my head...plans for everyone", I changed the lyric from "swastika" to "Dubya". I made it very clear that's what I was saying. Everyone was too drunk to catch it, but regardless...I added my own poltiical ideology to a crowd of drunken fools. LOL

Anyway, I just wanted to share that.
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Originally posted by Bono's shades

They aren't handling it very well, judging from the Springsteen message boards I lurk at. (I never bothered registering. I spend too much time on the Internet as it is.) The conservative fans there are a pretty obnoxious bunch.
God, tell me about it! That's why I bailed on the one where I posted for a while. They can't stand him as a person!
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Originally posted by Bono's shades
I just took a second look at Martha's last post. Hmmm, Bruce, R.E.M. Pearl Jam and Neil Young at one show? Hey, isn't Iowa a swing state?
Don't get too excited just yet. These things are always bigger on paper than in reality. Wait till the announcement to see who is really playing, if it even happens.

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