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green acres and the beverly hillbillies made me psychotic

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Originally posted by enggirl
Touched by an Angel has got to be one of the biggest wastes of TV time there is. And, yes, I've watched it--so chalk this up to a confession of sorts as well. It's a complete formula show. But I've gotta agree--the one with the Olsen twins sucked ass. I worked with this woman who gushed over that show--it might explain my aversion to Precious Moments figurines.

Land of the Lost (Will! Holly! Dad!) is another of my least faves, and I used to watch it as a kid. Oh, and my sister runs to the tv to change the channel whenever Barney comes on--she doens't want her 2-year-old to be brainwashed.
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Originally posted by ~LadyLemon~
Those girls are going to be posing for Playboy soon (ok, give them 2 years so they'll be legal.....)
Awhile back I bet my mom 50 bucks that by the time their 18th year is over with, they'll have posed at least once. I just hope she'll pay up.
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I agree with the whole family matters and full house thing. Those shows are nauseating. Another show i hated was "Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire" I guess it wsa more of a tv special than a show but it was disgusting anyways.

But my favorite show has to be Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. My roomate LOVES to watch reruns of it on the Hallmark Channel It has to be one of the most unrealistic shows I've ever seen! Okay it takes place in the late 1800's, right? So, I am supposed to believe that back then there was this town where they let a woman be doctor, blacks and whites lived together harmoniously, and her husband is friends with the Indians. Right.......sure.......very realistic....
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Full House
Saved by the Bell
Reality TV
America's Funniest Home Videos and all of it's spawn
TRL (Totally Ridiculous Lard)
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A lot of the UPN lineup.

I unfortunately didn't have control of the remote and had nothing else to do, so I watched the last half of a Charmed episode a couple nights ago. The most ridiculous, poorly-acted and horribly-written show I've seen in a while.

All these reality shows based around trying to making people into pop stars. Absolutely proves that it's not so much about how talented you are but about how marketable an image the bigwigs can make for you that determines whether you'll be popular or not. Utter crap.

These multiple-choice dating shows like 5th Wheel and Dismissed (though I admit, they're sometimes fun to watch just to laugh at all the people who make puddles of water look deep). The producers must have a disclaimer on the application that says "You must be very shallow and be willing to be completely slutty, fake, and classless in order to do well on this show." Basically all the singles trying to go for the one guy or girl spend the entire time throwing sneaky or sometimes full on insults at each other, and this is supposed to somehow impress the guy/girl? Then of course there's the obligatory "I'm going to judge you on how well you kiss, not how interesting/respectful/nice you are, so pucker up and put out" bit. And even better is when they introduce the stereotypical sexy-but-stupid bimbo or steamy-eyed empty-in-the-head-let's-just-make-out guy to throw in a curve. It just screams quality programming.

The Simpsons.



Kidding!! Simpsons is one of the best shows on tv, if not THE best.
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The weakest Link

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