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Old 01-18-2002, 12:46 PM   #1
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What's On Your Walls?

Just something fun for a Friday.

Christmas lights
4 different *POP* posters
ATYCLB "Beautiful Day" promo
Larry "Paiste" drum ad poster
Bram Stoker's Dracula poster
A creepy vampire poster
A Nightmare Before Christmas poster
An Edward Scissorhands action figure
Wonder Woman action figures
dried roses from an ex-boyfriend (which need to come down, yikes)
A corkboard with a mess of stuff on it.
James Dean poster above my window

Umm, I think that's it. And yeah, I'm weird. Oh well.

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Old 01-18-2002, 12:55 PM   #2
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It's hard to tell right now because my walls are melting.

Look what you did, you little JERK!

Kevin! You're such a disease!

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Old 01-18-2002, 01:00 PM   #3
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In the main room is a sun/moon theme. Carpets, paintings, suns moons everywhere.

My Lair
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Old 01-18-2002, 01:17 PM   #4
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Originally posted by Sicy:

Heeeyyy!! I have that poster on the right, too! And a Sheryl Crow poster and my U2 calendar and a Star Wars poster and a lot of other pictures of Bono and magazine things....and origami cranes!

~*Mona*~ LOVE me, give me SOUL
And planting an amazing fern on her shoulder... ~ScottPhisto~

I got lost in the Netherlands!!

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Old 01-18-2002, 01:45 PM   #5
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Paintings by my Grandma, sort of a painting done by sewing by my other Grandma, a mirror and a 2002 calendar.

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Old 01-18-2002, 03:05 PM   #6
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I share a room with my sister (YUCK!!) So I will describe what is on both sides, and see if you can guess which side is who's!!

Side A

-Posters for the following movies: "She's All That", "Boys and Girls", "Bring it On", and "American Pie"
-Ticket Stubs for BackStreet Boys, Britney Spears, and NSync
-Posters of Brian from Backstreet Boys
-Pictures of 'a girl' Posing with the members of NSync, and Rick from Much Music
-Backstreet Boys 2002 Calender

Side B
-Posters of the Following Movies: "Memento", "Million Dollar Hotel", and "Shakespeare in Love"
-U2 2002 Calender
-Van Gogh's Sunflower Framed Print
-Mini Prints of Various Paintings
-U2 Ticket Stubs
-Dried Bouquet from a Wedding that 'a girl' was in
-Tons of pictures of 'a girls' boyfriend
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Old 01-18-2002, 03:08 PM   #7
Sizzlin' Sicilian
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Oh my god you poor thing.
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Old 01-18-2002, 04:07 PM   #8
the invisible woman
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What I have:

James Dean poster
U2 POP Poster
BONO POP poster
Bono JT minie Poster
On the wall near my bed I have the ATYCLB Tour poster and an Eddie Vedder poster
A minie Elvis from the 50's thing hehehe
I have framed prints of MichaelAngelo + Monet on one wall.

And this one small little wall (my room is shaped so weird) I have pics of my nephew and 2 little nieces and art work from my little nephew
My Pearl Jam 2002 Calender + my U2 2002 Calendar! LOL

And finally near my computer desk I have a painting I made from acrylics of an angel.
A glossy photo of Eddie Vedder I just recently got from a friend.
A Bono glossy photo pic
A Larry Mullen Jnr Glossy Photo thing from ZOO TV
And a lot of glowing stars on my ceiling!

And I do believe that is all!

"Rhythm is the sex of music" - Edge

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.. *Monica*..
(.(.* *.).)
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Old 01-18-2002, 05:17 PM   #9
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My bedroom is pretty bare, just a framed picture of Monet's waterlillies.

The living room has a big framed Walk On Cover poster, a big hand drawn POP picture that my boyfriend got me for christmas, 3 framed 8x10s I took at the elevation shows, a sequence series of pictures of a sunset that I took, and a framed poster and ticket stub of a RedSox/Yankees playoff game.

The guest room is my other "shrine" - mainly pictures of vintage Red Sox players and autographs I've collected over the years!

It's no secret that the stars are falling from the sky...

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Old 01-18-2002, 06:40 PM   #10
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Originally posted by Sicy:

In the main room is a sun/moon theme. Carpets, paintings, suns moons everywhere.

You just get cooler everyday, Sicy!!!


Greedy for the good things as well as the bad.....
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Old 01-18-2002, 06:45 PM   #11
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Well in my room I have...

-a Russian map of the world above my bed
-The 2002 U2 calendar
-black&white framed picture of a train wreck
-my degree
-map of Ireland and a ton of U2 photos from the latest tour in frames above my computer
-a squiggly IKEA mirror
-on the back of my door I have a map of Europe, a map of Scandanavia and 6 photos from U2 shows and Ireland

The rest of my aprt. is all adulty with proper pictures and prints lol.
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Old 01-18-2002, 09:33 PM   #12
Rock n' Roll Doggie
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hoo boy.

-U2 Zooropa-esque flag
-Maximum U2 mini-poster
-U2 "albums" poster sold at Elevation shows
-Red Elevation Tour Poster (small, Bono and album cover)
-U2 collage
-22 small printed pictures of PJ Harvey
-"The Lady of Shallot" poster(BEAUTIFUL)
-Oasis small magazine picture
-Motley Crue "New Tattoo" poster (cringe)
-Ozzy Osbourne action figure
-George Michael "songs from the last..." poster
-Nirvana postcard
-Creed Human Clay promo poster
-Creed Scott Stapp poster
-Metallica "Garage, Inc." poster
-Metallica "faces" poster
-a Christmas stocking
-A picture of Jesus walking on the water
-Lord of the Rings calender
-Shania Twain poster(music sucks, but the poster was free!)
-Britney Spears poster(music sucks, but )
-8 printed pictures of Britney
-Beatles Sgt. Pepper's Long posterboard
-Beatles "black suits" poster
-Beatles Yellow Submarine action figures
-Guns n' Roses Slash, Axl, and Duff poster
-Bruce Springsteen black and white poster
-Sugar Ray new album poster
-New York Rangers clock
-Green Day "Warning" mini-poster
-Mario Lemieux poser(easily my first poster)
-Radiohead "Kid A" poster

And on my bookbag-
-Metallica logo patch
-Led Zeppelin patch
-U2 "Rattle and Hum" patch
-Creed patch
-Stone Temple Pilots patch
-Radiohead button
-Dave Matthews Button
-Coldplay button
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Old 01-18-2002, 10:42 PM   #13
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eghats! my walls are covvvvered with stuff, many many beatles posters and U2 ones, a poster with the full text of romeo and juliet on it, ummmm a picture of a park in london, a new york calander, a tibetan calander, an island mural i did, a map of nantucket i painted on the wall, i also painted the john lennon selfportrait on me wall, and a huge flower on the ceiling. i also discovered the fun that can be made using only a permident marker, and have various poems and lyrics written in every spare spot......

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Old 01-19-2002, 12:03 AM   #14
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Purple paint
A silver clock
Framed Van Gogh prints
Various posters - U2 and Man.United
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Old 01-19-2002, 12:59 AM   #15
Paper Gods
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LOL this thread cracked me up...
wall a is the one on the same side as my door...anyyyyyway...
wall a: mirror (mostly blocked by a bunch of shiznit on my desk, purposely lol)
wall b: a little flower shelf thingie
wall c: two paintings i've had since i was a kid, my ireland calendar
wall d: a couple decorations, two pictures my mom sewed for me, and some windchimes.

all across my ceiling are christmas lights, and my walls are so bare because i painted my room myself and i don't wanna cover it up! lol...my U2/dd posters are in another room.

there is no tomorrow, only tonight...

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