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Good luck MissMaCo, i'm sure you'll give your best

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I just started my first full time teaching job this week. (high school US History, World History, and Civics) I've taught summer school before and I genuinely enjoyed it. I am definately a teacher who shows compassion and empathly for students. I think that comes from my experiences with special ed students. I am pursuing my master's degree in special education! I'll let you all know as I try not to stumble through this first year.

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wow my life just answered this thread...well sort of.

My five year old nephew just started kindergarten yesterday. Come to find out, his teacher didnt pay attention that he gave her a money for hot lunch. She has been putting him in the cold lunch group for 2 days......so basically my little guy has gone 2 whole days at school without having any lunch. She put a note on his jacket telling my sister that he has been very grouchy and when my sister asked my nephew why he said "mommy, Im hungy, they didnt give me any lunch." Needless to say my sister was PISSED!!!

Also, my nephew is named after his dad (craig) and goes by the name C.J., for Craig junior....well this teacher asked my nephew why he didnt respond when she said his name ( Craig) and he said "because my name is C.J." it's the only name the kid has ever been called and she yelled at him and said "C.J. is not your name, your name is Craig"

*sigh* this is why people who dont have patience and understanding should not be allowed near children

2 days into Kindergarten and the poor little guy hates school.
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Old 09-03-2004, 09:49 AM   #19
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STart hard,
Dont try and win them over with friendship. You need to set your rules and expectations on the very first day.
Show them what you expect and then later, once you get to know them better, you can ease off a bit.
You can be kind, caring, compassionate but you still dont need to be their friend.
They have friends, they dont want you to be that, they wnt you to be their teacher.

Children want structure, they want to learn. They dont want to be babysat.

show them that youre serious, that you care about them, that you want them to achieve, even if they dont care, show them that you do.

come prepared, show up on time, know your stuff.
children smell fear, weakness, and even illness. once they smell it, they will take every opportunity to take advantage.

it is very hard to be a disciplinarian. it is very hard to try and discipline a child for an inappropriate behaviour when what they have done is making you come close to bursting out in laughter....which they will often.
but if i can give you any advice, the hardest part will be getting their attention and keeping it. hit them hard at the beginning of every lesson with something interesting and powerful. dont start off with "today we are learning about angles". ithey will be staring out the windows before you even say the word "angles".

dont use sarcasm. never put them down.
let them know that they have choices to make.
if they do their work and try their best then that is all that you ask.
if they dont make the choice to do so, then they will need consequences for their actions. you will need to always follow up with them too, otherwise they will continue to do the same thing because they know they can get away with it.

you may wonder why ive focused so heavily on behaviour management....

it im afraid is the most challenging part of teaching. not the syllabus, not the smart kids, but dealing with kids who arent interested in learning.

id love to witness one of those classrooms on american tv and movies where the teacher talks and the children all raise their hands and giggle and do their work silently, they dont exist. i havent seen one of those yet. its funny to watch though!

good luck with it, im sure youll do great.
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Originally posted by MissMaCo

Well, actually some of my students will be 18 or more The youngest will be 15.
I REALLY start on Saturday morning.
I think you'll be fine. You aren't dealing with very young folk. Good luck

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