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Old 07-30-2002, 08:38 PM   #31
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NOOOOOOOOO>>>>>It said I was a girl next door type....<<ack>>...and I like roomantics...(I may be cute but i like artsy types and am one)

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Old 07-30-2002, 10:57 PM   #32
Rock n' Roll Doggie
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this first one says it all:

Well, our Wheel of Types has landed on the GLAMOURINA. You're classy and polished men fall hard for your sophisticated flair and serene charm. (yeah, "serene charm"... that's what it is....)

and this is TOTALLY my type!

Ready to learn your fate? Well, our matchmaking wheel has landed on the GOOFBALL. This fun and entertaining guy is just your type! Youcan't resist his smile and playful ways.

Make me laugh and I'll follow you anywhere...

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Old 07-31-2002, 01:00 AM   #33
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I am supposedly a hippie chick.

My type of man is an artiste.

Sounds about right i guess.
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Old 07-31-2002, 01:19 AM   #34
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You are a Goofball

You are one lucky Goofball. Why? It's a known fact that laughter is the way to any girl's heart, and a great sense of humor is your defining quality. Not only can you make other folks laugh, but you can laugh at yourself there's no bigger turn-off than a guy who takes himself too seriously. Your lighthearted attitude reveals how comfortable you feel about yourself. Women dig that kind of self-confidence and security. Face it, you're a people magnet everyone's favorite friend. There's never a dull moment with you nearby. Excitement and laughter are what you bring to the lives around you, and it makes everything a little bit brighter, which is no small thing. After all, life is too short to spend it without a smile.

Your type is the Girl Next Door

Cute, fun, and sweet, your ideal gal is just a stone's throw away she's the Girl Next Door. She's Sandra Bullock, Doris Day, and Meg Ryan all rolled up into one. Naturally pretty rather than glamorous, she's unpretentious and generous. She loves animals and children, and is great with both. You're attracted to her strong values and traditional ways. Although she demands a lot of respect, she's not particularly high-maintenance. Her ideal date is more likely to be dinner and a movie than heading out for a night on the town. She's careful yet spontaneous a little bit of the Guy's Girl, a smidge of Sorority Sister (the nice kind), and just a hint of the Hippie Chick. But she's got an appeal that's all her own, which is why you can't stay away. Her winning smile, bright eyes, and loving nature make you want to hold on tight and never let go.
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Old 07-31-2002, 11:40 AM   #35
Rock n' Roll Doggie
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This is a weird combination

You are a Brain

Let's put it this way: You could never play the Scarecrow in The Wizard of Oz. You've already got a brain and a powerful one at that. Well-read and extremely knowledgeable, you can beat anyone at Trivial Pursuit or any intellectual sparring match. Chicks dig you for your muscular mind. Whether you're a whiz at the crosswords or an amateur Einstein, it's definitely your brainpower that drives them crazy. That thirst for knowledge and an insatiable curiosity will earn you high honors with any smart woman.

Your type is the Sporty

Too bad Sporty Spice is off the market she'd be right up your alley. You like your girls fit, energetic, and ready to head out for a weekend backpacking trip on a moment's notice. Your Sporty Chick probably has more old trophies than you do, and a closet full of athletic gear that she actually uses. Her uniform is a sports bra and running shorts, and you think she looks sexiest in sweats with her hair in a ponytail. Since she's not into makeup or blow dryers, she's happy to oblige. You love that she likes to go to sporting events and doesn't mind watching a game or two on TV. She's spontaneous and open, friendly but not intentionally flirty. With her on your team, you can't help but feel like a champ.
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Old 07-31-2002, 12:09 PM   #36
love, blood, life
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You are a Go Getter

Ambitious, focused, dedicated you're a true Go-Getter. Though you once may have been president of your high school class or editor of the college newspaper, these days you're likely to be found on your cell phone or making an appointment in your Palm Pilot. A short-skirted "Ally McBeal" business suit is your uniform of choice, which lots of men find quite sexy. Your sights are set on career, fame, and fortune, and you may not think you have time for a risky investment like love. Naturally, you attract guys who love a challenge they're desperate to close the deal and show you that you're wrong. They can probably relate to your insatiable desire to succeed, but want to prove that love is just one more thing at which you can excel.



This rebel with an attitude is just your type! He oozes masculinity, and you're intrigued by his constant cool attitude.
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Old 08-02-2002, 02:06 PM   #37
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You are the Glamourina:

Admit it: You just love being spoiled. A true Glamourina, you appreciate every chivalrous gesture and expensive trinket that's showered upon you. Gourmet dinners and nights at the theater are an absolute must they're just a standard part of living the charmed life. Witty and sophisticated, you always light up a room like an 8-carat diamond. You know the hottest spots to eat, drink, and be merry and you never have to wait in line. Men keep crawling back for more of your refined manner and Uptown Girl style. And why not? Sure, you might be a smidge high-maintenance at times, but just being around you makes men feel like King for a Day. Cool grace and elegant charm give you the upper hand at all times, which is just as it should be.

Your type is the BAD BOY:

The "Pink Lady" needs her "T-Bird." You're attracted to the "bad boy." The tough guy. The heart-breaker. So what if he's hard to tie down? You want a guy who's got an edge. Someone who keeps you on your toes. In fact, it might be the challenge that keeps you around. His badass attitude is like a magnet. If a guy's got a rebel reputation, he's got your attention! Your man's gotta be confident and have lots of machismo. Plain and simple, sensitive guys just don't float your boat. You have no time for the sweet, romantic or doting guys that pursue you and frankly, bore you to tears. Maybe you're just not into the touchy-feely thing right now. Who cares? Whether you're seeking adventure or looking to tame the wild, there's something about a bad boy that keeps you coming back.
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Old 08-02-2002, 03:43 PM   #38
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You are a Guy's Girl

Turn on the game and pop the top off a cold one! You're a true Guy's Girl the easy-going, baseball-cap-wearing, jeans-and-flannel-shirt type. Hot dogs and chips are an essential part of your diet, and tossing a ball around is second nature. Definitely low-maintenance and very natural, there's still plenty of femininity under your tomboy exterior. Breaking out the little black dress and heels every once in a while knocks your guy's socks off. Besides knowing the latest sports scores and stats by heart, you actually enjoy hanging out with "the guys." In a romance, you're your man's pal as much as his squeeze, and he never has to worry about playing head games with you. The perfect mix of the girl next door and the sporty chick, you're spontaneous, fun, and all-American.

Your type is the Goofball

Laughter is the way to your heart. A guy with a great sense of humor isdefinitely the one for you! You want a Goofball, someone who can laugh athimself and make you laugh, too. There's no bigger turn-off than a guy whotakes himself too seriously. You know that if a guy is silly, he's generallyself-confident and secure. Your man is a people magnet and everyone'sfavorite friend. There's never a dull moment with your jokester nearby. Youcrave excitement and laughter, and your goofball enhances those things inyour life. You probably think life is too short to spend it without asmile. Your goofy guy will ensure that that doesn't happen hislighthearted and silly ways make everything a little bit brighter.
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Old 08-02-2002, 05:20 PM   #39
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I (supposedly) am the Girl Next Door:

Cute, fun, and sweet, you're Sandra Bullock, Jennifer Aniston, and Meg Ryan all rolled up into one the perfect Girl Next Door. Naturally pretty, unpretentious, and generous, you demand your share of respect, but you aren't particularly high-maintenance. What's your ideal date? Probably a Blockbuster night you don't mind skipping an evening on the town if it means getting some old-fashioned snuggling on the sofa. Careful yet spontaneous, you're a little bit of the Guy's Girl, a smidge of Sorority Sister (the nice kind), and just a hint of the Hippie Chick. But you've got an appeal that's all your own, which is why the guys can't stay away. People are attracted to your strong values and traditional ways. Your winning smile, bright eyes, and loving nature will make anyone want to hold on tight and never let go.

Your type is the Artiste

Creative. Sensitive. A bit offbeat. Your type is the Artiste, a unique guywho knows how to express himself in many ways, whether it's through words,music, or attire. You're attracted to his unconventional ways and hisremarkable talents. He doesn't feel compelled to abide by society's norms.He believes that individuality is the key to happiness, and everything hedoes is a reflection of his "inner self." You fall head-over-heels for suchconfidence and style. Whether he's playing a song he wrote for just you orwriting you a love letter, this guy knows how to make you feel special. He'sin touch with his feminine side and doesn't need to assert his masculinityto feel manly. If we were to paint a picture of your future, the Artistewould definitely be part of it!

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