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Let's see...

I'm a huge Transformers fan, and know way too much about the comics - have trouble standing the cartoons now though.
I like Star Trek and due to my memory's ability to hold on to useless facts, I know way too much about it - not a Trekie though
I know everything about Lord of the Rings, have read the Silmarillon sever times, own Book of lost Tales and several of Chirstopher Tolkien's History of Middle Earth, collections of his father's notes.
I have read non-fiction books, particularly history, forenjoyment since I was six, I didn't really read fiction until like grade seven.

That's all for now, but hey I 'm happy with it... though I usually keep the Transformers bit to myself.

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Originally posted by Diemen
I love going wine tasting.

I'm sort of an audiophile. I'm obsessed with good sound. Just got an SACD player a few weeks ago (sounds incredible). Love going into Hi-Fi shops to listen to expensive speakers. I also really like headphones (not the cheapos you find at Walmart or Best buy, but really good headphones that can sound better than speakers that cost $1K+). I actually have a pair of headphones that originally retailed at over $200.

I used to be a big airplane nut.
Wine tasting is definitely something I wanna get into. I almost attended a wine tasting class last week.

Audiophile... I know that if I had a lot of money, I'll be spending them on speakers and all. I wanna hear every single freakin' instrument used in each song. And yes, for my discman, I had Koss earphones. Just recently threw them because they weren't working anymore.

OMG Diemen, I used to know the different types of aircraft. I even had this book about it. And then I started working in the airline and got sick of them altogether.

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My first day at a new school one year we had a library class of some sort and were browsing the books. Everyone else had your typical reading material for 13 year olds but I picked out a book on Imperial Japan and read that, while everyone watched their new classmate open-mouthed.

I was a history nut in Primary school, particularly military, but aviation/space, ancient and medieval history were also high on my list. I graduated into following Art (Van Gogh and the Australian impressionist movement in particular) and Music history, which reminds me that I only listened to classical music till I was about 15.

In Primary school i had one really hard year because I had a teacher who discouraged me from reading about history all the time because she didn't think it was normal...she deliberately steered the class away from doing stuff that was historical or even non fiction in nature just cos of me.

My general knowledge at that age was such that I would hang with the school principal more than anyone else, we'd chat away about world wars and the british empire for ages.

My school years were rather too well spent, don't you think?

I think I've progressed (regressed?) quite a bit but I retain the cavernous vat of facts, lol

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