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um should I be?

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Originally posted by IWasBored

uh.......mike mccolgan from the street dogs (*sigh* ex-dropkick murphys). and since that means nothing to 99% of the people on this site, i'll end here. anyone else i may mention would be from even more obscure punk bands, and arguably not technically famous.
Well, I'm glad you posted -- 'cause that means I can post too, since my famous people aren't all that famous to most people, but they are to me.

I never have really gone out of my way to meet famous people (too shy) and it's not likely that many would find themselves in my little out of the way area.

I've said at least hi to all of the members of The Church -- ok, so I just nodded at Peter Koppes, but he just kinda freaked me out...don't quite know why. Got an autograph from Marty Willson-Piper after a show in Minneapolis. He asked my name to sign and when I told him he mentioned that he almost named his daughter that, so I asked him what he chose instead (I've forgotten what he said now) and I told him that was a decent name too. He was sucking up the attention that night (he'd had a great show that night and was feeling great). Can be very charming when he wants to be.

Met Steve Kilbey a few times in person within several days, the longest one being after a show in Milwaukee last spring. MWP had been an absolute shit on stage and walked off -- and left the venue -- during the last song of the main set, so I was very surprised SK waved me backstage. Now I'd spoken to him a couple of days earlier for a minute or so, so he knew who I was and we'd also chatted online extensively in the months prior to the tour. But he was in a great mood and really quite chatty -- we mostly talked about is fledgling career in art (I'd purchased several paintings of his and given him lots of encouragement during the online chats). My favorite comment came when he was saying why he liked doing portraits so much, "It's like when you're watcing porno...you still want to see the faces." OK Steve. Overall, he was really kind and quite funny -- he likes to tell really bad jokes...they're funny, just bad.

Since then I've purchased several more of his paintings, including the cover artwork he did for the band's last two albums (they've been putting out a load of material), and kept up an email correspondence with SK. He even sent his condolances when my mom died which was incredibly sweet. And now I am working with/for him promoting his art to a wider audience (as opposed to just fans of his music).
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Originally posted by digsy
bono and larry
said hi to adam from across the road if that counts?

some of this is south african, some english so how much the americans willget i dont know....?

played pool with the cranberries, met brian may from queen, david seaman, skin from skunk anansie, paul mccartney, michael schumacher, kevin spacey, anthony minghella (director cold mountain), tim burton, couple of brit actors - daniel craig, steve coogan and stephen fry - and pretty much the entire england, new zealand and south african rugby teams as well as most of the south african cricket team, few of them were friends of mine.
maybe a few more but thats all i can think of right now.
oh yeah, the bloke who played The Mummy
and John C McGinley (Dr Cox in Scrubs)
he's the nicest guy, very cool!
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3D and Mushroom of Massive Attack, James Brown, lots of jazz and blues players like Art Farmer who died a few years ago. Some people of the Ziggy Marley band, was invited for a wonderful dinner at their place. Princess Superstar. And Mutabaruka.
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I met Alice Cooper here in Knoxville at CozyMel's Mexican Restaurant--he was eating there with his kids. He was playing at the Tennessee Theatre later that evening. This has been about a year or so ago. He was very glad I recognized him and I asked for an autograph. Very nice man. He looked rather sunbaked. I saw Rod Stewart one time in a bookstore locally with two girls hanging on him--so I didn't approach him at the time--that was back in the mid-80's. My goal still to meet Bono! Maybe Atlanta--hopefully-please!
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Originally posted by unosdostres14
Scottie Pippen!
How is Scottie Pippen? Pippen has always been my 2nd favorite basketball player, right behind Michael!
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Ive met quite a bit of stars from going to award shows and being a "seatfiller",(if you know what that is). But my favorites are sitting next to Tyra Banks, and getting to talk to her for along time. And another time we sat by 3 playboys, my friend was sitting next to them, and I was next to my friend, and what made it so funny, is that my friend would not give up on them, he really wanted get a date with them, I dont know there names, but my friend does!
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i was on a plane with The Edge at the age of 6... was too shy to talk,

was on a plane with Robbie Keane, Damien Duff, Richard Dunne & Phil Babb... talked to them and got their autographs

and Packie Bonner... lives in the town where I'm from in Co.Donegal and talked to him onmany occasions and got autographs...

^all those are Irish soccer players
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I met Ryan Adams, and he was a total sweetheart.

I didn't meet these musicians...but Jesse Malin acknowledged me from stage when I sneezed loudly between songs... ...and Damien Rice apologized to me after he kicked over April's beer while he was getting offstage (she was in the bathroom).
"Knight in shining Zubaz."

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last summer, when Victor Jushenko wasn't our president (he was on election campaign), I came on one of his speech, and before it he came to the people to shake hands, talk... so as I was at first line, I got not only shakeing hands, but also hug and kiss on cheek
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Originally posted by Cleasai
I know that alot of these people will make you go "Who??" In any case here ya go...

Vanessa Atler (US Gymnast) - via email. Friend of mine was an aquaintance of hers. Sweet girl.
Kristen Maloney (US Gymnast) - Also via email. Another sweet girl.
Shannon Miller (US Gymnast)
Sorry this is kinda a late response but where did you meet Shannon?
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Geez, I've met a lot of famous people since it's part of my work. I've met a ton of writers. The ones I enjoyed meeting the most are Cornel West, Susan Sontag, Noam Chomsky, Edward Said and Seamus Heaney.

Quite a few musicians, too, but the one you'll all hate me the most for having known was Jeff Buckley who lived directly downstairs for me for a year.

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