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well, i suppose not everyone likes the uk....


Debate rages over Eurovision "Nul points"
LONDON (Reuters) - Baghdad backlash or just bad singing? Newspapers are deeply divided over why the UK entrants in the Eurovision Song Contest were sent home with an historic "nul points".

Never before in the contest's 47-year history had a British song finished in the bottom three.

Pop duo Jemini's Chris Cromby and Gemma Abbey were said to be "in shock" as newspapers found excuses ranging from faulty equipment to "shadowy political forces in Europe".

Politicians were even drawn into the fray, with Welsh Secretary Peter Hain forced in a radio interview on Sunday to tread a wary diplomatic line on the failed song "Cry Baby".

"Rigged? Of course it is," bellowed the Daily Mirror, saying that its historic analysis of Eurovision voting proved collusion between Cyprus and Greece, among others.

The right-leaning Telegraph broadsheet took a similar line, suggesting a conspiracy between Iceland and Norway.

"Perhaps the mutual back-patting was down to Iceland's decision to restart commercial whaling after a 15-year gap," it said.

News that Jemini's dressing room was vandalised during their performance in Riga, Latvia added to suspicions that they had been victimised by anti-war Europeans as a result of Britain's role in the Iraq conflict.

The Independent quoted anti-war parliamentarian Jeremy Corbyn arguing the case.

But, noted the Guardian, if it was all about politics, why did Britain's allies in Spain and Israel not even hand Jemini a point? It suggested another possibility: "In its search for truth, the nation must face up to another possibility: our song was really crap."

"It was terrible," The Mirror quoted Louis Walsh, judge on "Popstars: The Rivals" TV talent contest, as saying. "It was just a disgrace -- the worst song I have ever heard."

Returning on Sunday to Heathrow airport, Cromby put on a brave face. He denied that the group were thinking of changing their name to "Nul Points", but added: "We might call the album that."

OK...so whether it's politics or not doesn't quite matter. I just want to know - was it that bad? and the fact there's a parliamentary debate about it...

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I watched the Eurovision Song Contest. I'd heard a lot about the Dutch song, that she had a chance, etc. and wanted to hear/see it for myself. If we'd won I wouldn't wanted to have missed it. Alas, it was not supposed to be. I really thought we had a good song. Maybe not a winner, but surely one to score. In the end we ended 13th, so next year we have to 'qualify' ourselves (however that will be).

As for the UK, yes that song wasn't that much. Nothing remarkable. But it wasn't the worst song though. I thought the 'song' by Austria was horrible. It wasn't even a parody. And it even went top 5 or so!

Of course, I also watched it because I wanted to see/hear t.A.T.u. (or however you spell it). The whole week there was a huge controversy about them (representing Russia). After Saturday I know why. It wasn't very good. But being famous in Europe they did end on the 3rd place. Still, I think All The Things She Said is a nice song.

C ya!


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even though tatu was pretty bad
they still were the best thing in the top 5

that british song was horrible
and that female singer even worse than the song itself
Tony Blair probably is Europe's finest politician though
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