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Weird Dreams.

Hmmmmmm I had this odd dream the other night where for some reason I was in New York City looking for my dad and I walk into this apartment building and go into one of these rooms and I find him and a way younger verison of my grandfather sitting in a room talking, the only weird part is, hes in black and white[may be only because I have a picture of him in my room from when he was in the army and the pic is black and white.]Anyways he goes to say something to me and all of a sudden there is this huge shadow and a loud bang. All of a sudden I am in front of a burning building[possibly that was in there because I am still getting over that one firefighter I knew that died]And I see my grandfather standing in front of it[whom was also a firefighter at one point]in his firefighter uniform, so he walks into the building and I wake up.

So I added it up...

1.Shadow may relate to Sept.11th attacks?-Only because that night I had watched something about it.
2.Grandfather trying to say something to me.
3.Burning building could be either represtening WTC or the house fire.

Hmmmmm still cant figure it out.

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That's a creepy dream.......

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I hear you BiP
I had some weird dreams last night myself.

I had one where I lived in some crappy hotel on the west side of town, and there was a tornado coming (like the 5-3-99 F5 tornado) and my neighbors and I were in my room trying to get drunk on Windex glass cleaner (don't know why)

I told them the tornado would never come our way because they supposedly never do but it came anyway. They kept trying to get me to take shelter and I was going to but the alarm clock was going off, and I was tired of hearing it. So before I took shelter under my bed I unplugged the clock. But it still kept going off so I took out the battery and it didn't stop. So I drank more Windex and beat it with a hammer and it wouldn't quit still.

Then I was jolted awake and realized it was 5am and my alarm clock was in fact going off!!!
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Originally posted by LOVE MUSCLE
....I were in my room trying to get drunk on Windex glass cleaner (don't know why)
perhaps the Windex represents those sucky Light Adult Beverages you are now drinking?

btw, have you seen the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? I saw it yesterday, so it's kind of funny you bring up Windex...the girl's father in the movie believes that Windex is a cure all for any skin ailment, and whenever he gets injured, he sprays Windex on the injured area
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Old 08-11-2002, 04:40 PM   #6
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ok, I had this very strange dream last night, which I have no clue about...

I dreamt that I got married to two of my co-workers...yes, the 3 of us were married to eachother at the same time

One was a guy and the other was a girl. (and no, I am definitely not lesbian! )

What this dream means, I have no idea


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