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Old 02-15-2002, 12:20 PM   #1
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Weird article about Playstation

As I mentioned before, Japanese magazine Weekly Toyo Keizai ran an
interview on February 9 with Ken Kuturagi in which he went
absolutely crazy with the whole visionary thing. I don't speak
Japanese, but I am completely fluent in CrazyTalk, and after wading
through a translation of the piece I can only come to one of two
possible conclusions. Either Kuturagi is a true visionary worthy of
our adoration, or he's been smoking something really wacky lately.

The basic gist of what he said is this: network bandwidth is
developing so quickly that at some point in the near future, the
connections between computers on the Internet will actually be
faster than the pathways on the chips inside the computers
themselves. As a consequence, the devices we use become a small part
of a much greater thing, and with current technology they become a
hindrance to the progression of, well, pretty much everything I

Obviously at this point he's thinking purely about the technology
and not the reality. And based on our experiences, his vision of the
future is going to be seriously f'd up if it rests on the customer
service related to an SBC DSL hook-up. When your home "network
engineer" turns up with a really big hammer on his tool belt, you
know you're in trouble.

To counter the escalation of bandwidth, Kuturagi's suggestion is
that in the future, "we need a brand new CPU like the one made with
protein or something. Aibo could be organic in that future. The
communication between human body and servers will be starting in
that future. The world is gonna be like Dark Angel."

I'll just take a second while you absorb that last little nugget.
Not the Dark Angel thing, although more people who look like Jessica
Alba in the world wouldn't be such a bad thing, but the other part.
Think about it. He said, "Aibo could be organic." He actually said
that. And then a nice Japanese journalist wrote it down so that we
could hastily (and hopefully not incorrectly) translate it. For
those of you not clear on what Aibo's a robot dog that Sony
sells for an exorbitant amount of money:

But hang on a second. Isn't an organic robot dog...AN ACTUAL DOG?

He then goes off in two completely different directions, both of
which are decidedly less freaky, but intertwined.

The first concerns the Broadband Navigator and the way that it will
be the true guts of the PlayStation format in the future. The second
is that the power of future hardware means all previous standards
(PS One, PS2, etc.) can be easily emulated in software.

He comments by way of example that "in technology far beyond the
current Pentium 4, the PS2 format could be run on Intel's processor
with emulation." Based on this and some of his other comments, it
sounds like the future strategy is that beyond CDs and DVDs, the
network will be the delivery method for everything. The technology
will be so advanced that you'll be able to emulate just about
anything and everything. And that this new format, whether you call
it PS3 or whatever is not necessarily a's the Broadband
Navigation thingy, and it can be built into all kinds of devices.
"I'm not interested in worldwide webs at all," he said. "Those are
not broadband. You need a brand new software-based platform."

Could he be telling us that what we think of as a "console" is soon
to be a thing of the past? Well, he went on to say, "in that future,
there would be no such thing as PS3. No particular boxes called PS3,
or no particular format called PS3. The medium for PS One was CD-
ROMs. Medium for PS2 is DVDs. But once you get connected to the
Internet, there's no boundaries based on physical constraint. The
Internet is the medium. In the world of the Internet and, unlike CDs
or DVDs, there's no sense of capacity. And it will continue to

So when is all this supposed to start happening? It's currently
pencilled in for 2005.

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This reminds me of the Japanese creator of Ghost In The Shell. He was a visionary too, you should see his graphic novels--they are theses about technology/human fusion!


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and just recently sony announced plans for the ps2 broadband network starting up in japan.

it sounds like much the same rhetoric expounded by microsoft and many other software developers-recentralize control of the network on their end.

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Funny how this reminds us all of different things. Reminds me of eXistenZ.
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