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Old 07-20-2003, 10:47 AM   #1
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Weight Loss

anyone here had the battle of the blubber?

or in that battle right now?

anyway here are some tips from someone who's first handedly shed 15 kilos from a heavy 85 kilos to barely 70 kgs!

personally diets are overrated, because they involve you changing your eating habits into eating stuff you dont like

and when you've lost that weight you were aiming to lose, chances are you want to eat the stuff you like again!

so no that doesnt work

what does work for me are:

exercise - for me jogging, because i get really puffed when running, that really eradicates away kilos fast, half an hour a day

before jogging do the stretch warm up exercises so you do not get injured or get really puffed after running 75 meters!

when running remember to use your arms, and dont feel embarrassed that if youre huffing and puffing you sound like what you sound like if youre having an orgasm, just keep going!

also aim to run further not faster, if you use your arms properly you will get to where you want to run sooner than you think than if you try to pick up the pace, unless you are really physically fit (which i am not!) you will get a stitch or want to fall down flat on your face, the whole point of this post was for weight loss though, and yes there needs to be patience!

yep, a simple exercise like jogging really works!

drink water after you've had the jog, not during! ok you feel thirsty, but think of the quench you'll get afterwards

oh i forgot Eating?

eat a smaller serve of food, i know you'll think youre still hungry because you didnt fill your stomach! but if you eat three meals a day, a 3 hour gap between meals (if you eat breakfast late (8.30 beyond) and have lunch at 12) a light breakfast (something not sugary, no bacon fats!) should get you through to lunch

also it is easier to eat stuff that IS not mcdonalds, i am against them on the whole global corporatisation scheme thingy but still i reckon their burgers are the WORST


you can have snacks, but cut them down! my idea of snacking is have a snack before exercising, so you can burn away the fat/energy whatever that comes with it


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I have started jogging. Well, not really, but kinda. I have been trying for 2 years to excercise again and got a mini tramp for Christmas a couple of years ago. One of these days I WILL actually start using it. At the time it sounded great as I figured I could jog on it while watching tv or some other trivial activity. So after realising I was kidding myself, I bought some new joggers a couple of weeks ago. I finally got them out of the box 2 days ago and actually put them on and went for a run. It was only a 20 minute jog, but I'm as unfit as all buggery and will probably have a heart attack if I try to go for longer just yet. I am aiming to go every morning, but disorganisation has prevented me today and yesterday. But the point is, I finally started. A few more days/weeks and I should be in the swing of it and it will be habit.

How long did it take you to shed 15 kilos? I have a slightly larger goal than that, but 15 would have me tickled pink.

I am so determined to be fit for summer. I have to be cos the bub will be walking by then.

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i wish i could run, but my knees are screwed up. so i have to resort to power walks. walking works wonders too. speaking of which, i need to do mine in a few mins.
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Originally posted by Angela Harlem

How long did it take you to shed 15 kilos? I have a slightly larger goal than that, but 15 would have me tickled pink.

I am so determined to be fit for summer. I have to be cos the bub will be walking by then.
it took me forever to lose the first 4 kilos, the intention to lose the weight was in the middle of last year, winter

but since the start of this year, going jogging in the summer when its hotter and you sweat so much more, and your body has to work so much harder, i've lost the next 10 in 6 months, though the recent australian summer over here was extreme to say the least

also another handy tip is if youre having a really busy day, eg going to work, take the bus instead, and run to the nearest bus stand, and when you get dropped off from the bus, run back home!

if you catch the train in the metropolitan districts, and you missed the train, run two train stations down, because by then you wouldnt have to wait, and you would have clocked up some much needed exercise

but remember weight loss like all other things in life is about patience
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-Treadmill at least 3 times a week, for a half-hour or more each time.

-Cutting back on snacks.

-Drinking more water, diet pop, juice, etc.
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Down almost 93lbs now....took a longggggggg 2.5 yrs.

Never felt better
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I've been trying to lose weight for about a year or so, and finally, in May, I set myself to it and lost 15 pounds in one month by exercising and adjusting my eating habits. I gained 5 back, but I look better than I did without those 5, so it's all muscle, I hope. My clothes fit a lot better, I don't hate shopping for clothes anymore, and I never feel uncomfortable or sick like I used to.

I do weight-lifting, treadmill, yoga, aerobics, etc. It's a lot easier to keep exercising if you do a variety of exercises.

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