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Old 06-06-2002, 02:02 PM   #1
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weakest link question

I watched something that annoyed me like anything yesterday.

There was 2 girls from same country (- will not mention the name) and a guy ( from seperate country) and they were left in the television quiz show WEAKEST LINK. As you might know for each correct question answered by whoever increases the bank of money to be won by the last candidate . These 2 girls were playing a tactical game because they came from the same country and had become friends by that stage. They were helped each other to reach there.It was pretty much obvious by then.

In that round involving 3, both the girls just answered 0 or 1 answers out of 4 and the guy got something like 4 out of 4. When the voting time arrived, both the girls voted the guy ( who scored 4 out of 4) OUT. I switched the TV off then in annoyance, so I dont know which of the 2 girls actually won but I definitely know who should have won.

1) So my question is what would you have done if you were in the shoes of any of the girl ( I mean you had a friend and both of you clearly done very badly compared to the third participant) ?

2) What would you have done if you were in guy's place ?

I would like to know reaction from people here. Please let me know if you didnt understand anything and I will clarify that.


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unless I've missed something, isnt that kind of the point of it? That the best player doesnt always win, it sounds to me like the girls knew what they had to do to get to the final. Crap as it may be.
So perhaps the Weakest Link is something of a misnomer, but the voting system is I suppose what gives the program its popularity, though I think its pretty rubbish anyway, and the questions would insult 10 year olds.
Usuallt the reasons for voting someone out range from "I didnt like his tie", to "I hate bank clerks anyway"

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"i'm not the weakest link...i'm not the weakest link..."

quite possibly the funniest snl ever...ahh...my tummy hurts from laughing...

that show bugs me too...i like REAL game shows...like jeopardy.
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To be honest, the ganging up on this guy cos he was from another cdountry aside, if I was one of the last 3 left, I would vote the smartest off as well. I wouldn't want anyone who had a better chance of answering the last 5 correctly as my opponent.

The way I figured it, at the first half, you vote the dummys off so you can build up your bank, then slowly the smarter ones, so you increase your chance at the last stage.
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