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indra, based on the dogs at the shelter, there's a pretty even split. I would actually wager that of the purebreds frequently suffering from allergies, there are certain breeds that tend to be more affected and in general, it is typically poorly bred purebreds who are most likely to be affected. I do not know of any German Shepherds I've looked at from reputable breeders who have had allergies (if they did, the dogs would be retired, not bred, regardless of the cause of the allergies), but among BYB/pet store/puppy mill GSDs, allergies can be quite frequent.

It's hard to narrow it down, though, b/c typically those with extremely well-bred, selectively bred purebreds will be feeding super-premium kibble or totally raw diets and by using a variety of high quality nutrients (and lack of ingredients that commonly cause allergies), they avoid allergy problems altogether.

I don't know to what extent allergies are genetic, but everything I've read says that the best way to avoid allergies is to rotate foods and feed the best food possible. I do know that diet itself can provoke or prevent certain genetic characteristics (like allergies) from even being expressed.

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Both my wife and I are vegetarians/vegans with three cats and we still feed them meat.

While we are both strongly against the consumption of meat products and byproducts you can't really impose this on a cat... If this makes me some sort of hypocrite, oh well

We just try to buy food which is as natural as possible.

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Originally posted by indra

several chickens came blasting out the door followed by this little black, brown and white streak.
Sorry, just enjoying these stories too much! Maybe it's just me, but chickens kinda creep me out ... (even though I wouldn't ever harm or eat them).

[/B][/QUOTE]"I don't really like that flavour. What else do you have?" look. [/B][/QUOTE]

Haha, I know this look well! Though, I get more of a snobbish, 'pffffft' look and turning up of the nose Your kitties sound more polite than mine!

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