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I know my dad's side of the family have been in the US (I typed 'here' at first ) since before the Civil War since he said once that he wore some relative's Confederate Uniform to school one day for something. Apart from that, I know NOTHING about my family. I had to do a family tree for school one year, and I don't think I got past my great great grandparents on my dad's side and I don't even know my maternal grandfather's name. I thought he was dead all my life until about three years ago when I found out my aunt had called my dad and stepmom asking for my phone number because my grandfather wanted to contact me. My mom doesn't speak to anyone in her family, so I haven't had contact with my grandmother, aunt, or cousins on that side of the family since I was about 8, and only then because my dad took me and my brother to see them.

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Originally posted by meegannie
I know my dad's side of the family have been in the US (I typed 'here' at first ) since before the Civil War.
same with my father's side. i apparently have a great great great great great...uncle who served in the Confederate Army.

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Originally posted by U2Kitten
When you get as far back as I have, the hard part is connecting back to the 'old country', that's one problem you won't have if you had relatives come though Ellis Island because then you know for sure!
This is true. As annoying as the name changes are, at least there's a record SOMEWHERE, you just have to find it! For the rest, we have corrospondants in the Netherlands that do the research for us, or we trade research back and forth. For example, my mom has some guy in the Netherlands that visits random libraries and city halls for her (like a genealogy bitch, lol) and in turn, we send him record of EVERY person in the US with our last name. Any newspaper articles of new babies, sports scores, ANYTHING with our name, he gets. I can't believe my mother of all people spends so much time with such tedious and frusterating work, but it pays off in the end I guess. I think she's traced our roots back to the 17- and 1600s. Most of her records come from 1) Ellis Island/other ship records 2)other people's research 3)religious documents. Luckily though, my family is entirely Dutch, so it's only a matter of working with two countries.
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My great great grandfather was in the rebel army. He deserted and hid out like the guy in Cold Mountain. I think I'll sue But really he did. I've known it for years. Some people in the family were embarrassed by that. His 3 brothers all got killed but he lived. Good thing since my great grandfather, his son, wasn't born until after the war. If he'd died I wouldn't have existed so I'm glad he deserted.

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