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Ok, I have a question about American sports. From what I understand, American team sports are controlled by franchises in different cities, which in turn have different conferences based on geographical location. At the end of a season there are playoffs featuring top teams who play each other, the winner emerging as champion of the league, or something like that.

My question is, what about those at the bottom? In European soccer (and most other leagues around the world) there are a number of divisions based on merit. At the end of the season, a number of teams (usually two or three) are relegated to a lower division, while the top teams of a lower division move up higher into another division. Do you think this system could work in American sport, taking in mind geographical considerations and the amount of money the franchises bring in?

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Originally posted by AvsGirl41
I still stand by what I said. Just about anyone can go out and casually join a baseball or a basketball game and hold their own, if they know the rules. Not just anyone can gear up and go out and play hockey. They'll injure themselves and others.
And anyone who thinks that they can just go out there and play, will hopefully stay off skates.

Have you seen the commercial (I forget what it is for) where the fast food employees are working "on ice" and they are falling all over the place? It puts a good perspective on your argument!!!!

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There was an article recently about the most difficult things (single actions) to do in the world of sports. #1 was hit a baseball. It might not be the most physically challenging activites, but I can't image swing a thin piece of wood at a ball that is magically moving 95 MPH - often in a od motion (think curve-ball, slider, etc.) and connect with this moving object to put it in a narrow field of play.

At the same time, and thank God for this - you are not on a sheet of ice (although, the Saint Paul Winter Carnival here in Minnesota has an annual Jan. Snow softball tournament - it's not easy to find the baselines).

Physically challenging:basketball and hockey are probably close. With hoxkey - you have more players changing, and on the "fly" - allowing for a little more rest time. Nevermind the roster size comparisons.

Soccer/Footbal(world, not US) is even more physically challenging; very few substitutions; constant running; and ball movement and very few stoppages.

In American football, you have to be ready for quick bursts. This takes a different kind of training.

I am sure there are other TEAM sports that are equally as challenging (I play lacrosse, and it rivals soccer, hockey and basketball) - and maybe more challenging, but I just wanted to throw out the more popular activities.
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avs girl i'm sorry if you feel anyone snapped on you... but you can not make a statement like "hockey players work harder," wether it be your own statement or one you took from someone else, and not expect to offend some who have played basketball, baseball or football. arguing over what in sports is the hardest thing to do is one thing. we could have a very civil debate on that for a long long time. but to say that anyone in a particular sport works harder than those who play other sports is going to get a heated response back.

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