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Old 11-22-2002, 11:25 PM   #1
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Top 12 Songs of 2002

(Another randomly-enumerated Best Of topic.)

1.) "The Rising" Bruce Springsteen
2.) "Electrical Storm" U2
3.) "Don't Know Why" Norah Jones
4.) "The Scientist" Coldplay
5.) "Get Free" the Vines
6.) "Gangsta Lovin" Eve f. Alicia Keys
7.) "Keep Fishin" Weezer
8.) "Here Is Gone" Goo Goo Dolls
9.) "A Sorta Fairytale" Tori Amos
10.) "Thumbing My Way" Pearl Jam
11.) "You Know You're Right" Nirvana (does this one count?)
12.) "A Thousand Miles" Vanessa Carlton

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Originally posted by paxetaurora
[B2.) "Electrical Storm" U2
3.) "Don't Know Why" Norah Jones
7.) "Keep Fishin" Weezer
8.) "Here Is Gone" Goo Goo Dolls[/B]

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ya, i think nirvana would work.

could thread ideas, btw pax.

i really dont know if i can do this, but oh well.

now heres my favorite songs that i heard, but werent released commercially.

1. 2+2= 5 - radiohead

2. there, there - radiohead

3. sit down, stand up - radiohead

4. sail to the moon (im too lazy to fix this, THIS should be number 1!) - radiohead

5. up on the ladder - radiohead

6. go to sleep - radiohead


1. lost cause - beck

2. electrical storm - u2

3. guess im doing fine - beck

4. i am mine - pearl jam

5. noone knows - queens of the stone age

6. you know your right - nirvana

7. all my life - foo fighters (only really got into this song recently)

8. one last breath - creed. oh wait, no.

8. slowmotion - the watchmen

9. die another day - madonna ( i know, its all about who you surround yourself with, but man, everything ive heard from her since ray of light came out has been gold)

10. the rising - bruce springsteen

11. golden age - beck

12. by the way - red hot chili peppers
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Gemma Hayes - Back of My Hand
Lifehouse - Spin
Tori Amos - A Sorta Fairytale
Pearl Jam - Thumbing my Way
Norah Jones - Feelin' the Same Way
Coldplay - The Scientist
U2 - The Hands That Built America
Counting Crows - Hard Candy
Idlewild - American English
Avril Lavigne - Complicated (sorry )

uh, probably cant think of too many more by different artists.
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Old 11-24-2002, 12:58 AM   #5
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Originally posted by paxetaurora

1.) "The Rising" Bruce Springsteen
2.) "Electrical Storm" U2
3.) "Don't Know Why" Norah Jones
4.) "The Scientist" Coldplay

and also

Lonesome Day by Bruce

but for the life of me i cant think of any more!!!!
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In no order because I can't be bothered arranging. A lot of these are singles and stuff because I haven't got the albums, just a couple of downloads of what I heard here and there that I really really like but really really can't get because of the almighty $.

1)Coldplay - Clocks
2)The Streets - The Irony Of It All
3)Idlewild - American English
4)Gemma Hayes - Hanging Around
5)Doves - Pounding
6)Coldplay - The Scientist
7)U2 - Electrical Storm
8)Polyphonic Spree - Hanging Around The Day Pt. 2 (this is on Q's "best of 2002" cd and I can't get enough of it!)
9)Pearl Jam - I Am Mine
10)Sugababes - Round Round (in my defence it's very catchy)
11)Badly Drawn Boy - Silent Sigh
12)Nirvana - You Know You're Right

Honourable Mentions:
Coldplay - In My Place, Manic Street Preachers - There By The Grace Of God, Ash - Envy, Badly Drawn Boy - Something To Talk About, The Streets - Weak Become Heroes, The Hives - Main Offender, Oasis - The Hindu Times, Pet Shop Boys - Home And Dry, the Coral - Simon Diamond.

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