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Tom Cruise is an idiot anyway

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Originally posted by intedomine
Tom Cruise is an idiot anyway

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Re: Where to start...

Originally posted by Diemen

Um. Yeah. Technically, this is not a film about his beliefs. Secondly, Scientology is clearly a bunch of completely fabricated bullshit (Alien overlords, spaceships that look like DC-3s, thetan levels...) spewed from the mind of a nasty, petty, greedy con-artist extraordinaire and perpetuated by his nasty, petty, greedy (and in some cases homicidal) minions ever since.

I should expect a lawsuit any day now.

That said, the German government is definitely overreacting, but given Scientology's penchant for corruption, blackmailing and bullying, I don't blame em for keeping their distance.
I know it's not a film about beliefs. But seriously don't all religions deal with greedy men? I mean the pope tells his flock what is right and wrong cause he is god's voice on earth.

and yes Scientology is not for me, but I would not discriminate against some one else's belief.
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Originally posted by intedomine
Tom Cruise is an idiot anyway
He's lost it for me too.......Top Gun no more!
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Time Magazine article with more information about Germany and Scientology. I didn't know they have those types of laws in Germany and other European countries.

Tuesday, Jun. 26, 2007
Why Germany Hates Tom Cruise
By Andrew Purvis/Berlin

Tom Cruise may suit up nicely as an American flying ace or an acrobatic crime buster, but when it comes to portraying Germany's most beloved anti-Nazi, Germans would prefer a different actor, bitte. Cruise is due to play German officer Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, celebrated for trying to kill Hitler in 1944, but the German Defense Ministry has warned that if Cruise gets the role, Ministry sites will be off-limits to the filmmakers. The reason? Because Cruise, as the Defense Ministry puts it, "has publically professed to being a member of the Scientology cult."

"Stauffenberg played an imporant role in the military resistance against the Nazi regime," a Ministry of Defense spokesman explained Wednesday , adding that "a sincere and respectful depiction of the events of July 20 [the failed plot to assassinate Hitler] is therefore very much in our interest. Tom Cruise, with his Scientology background, is not the right person for this." Ursula Cabreta, director of a government-sponsored group that monitors Scientologist activities in Germany was more blunt. She called the selection of Cruise to play the role of von Stauffenberg a "scandal."

The furor says more about Germany's struggle with Scientology than it does about the actor, who does, it's worth noting, bear a passing resemblance to the square-jawed German national hero. The German authorities have had a long history of run-ins with the Church of Scientology, which they accuse of masquerading as a church in order to make money — a charge the group vehemently rejects. Germany, along with several other European countries, has aggressive laws targeting groups that they deem to be cults. Their hostility to Scientology is also based, Cabreta told TIME, on a perception that the writings of the church's founder , L. Ron Hubbard, split the world into "social " and "anti social" personalities, and also that the group "propagates the idea that Germany is controlled by Nazis."

The German government recently tried, unsuccessfully, to prevent the Church of Scientology from opening a new 43,000-square-foot headquarters in the upscale Berlin district of Charlottenburg. The facility opened in January, and Cruise and his wife, Katie Holmes, dropped by earlier this month during a visit that also took in the Von Stauffenberg memorial.

The memory of von Stauffenberg is close to German hearts. His plot to assassinate Hitler on July 20, 1944, while unsuccessful, has come to symbolize German resistance to the Nazis. Repelled by Hitler's racist policies and military bungling, Von Stauffenberg tried to blow him up with a suitcase bomb at the field headquarters known as Wolf's Lair, but the blast was partially obstructed and failed to find its target. Von Stauffenberg was executed in a purge shortly afterwards.

Casting Cruise in the role has drawn fire from a range of sources. "He should keep his hands off my father," Von Stauffenberg's son Berthold told the Suddeutsche Zeitung. "He should go climb a mountain or go surfing in the Caribbean. I don't care as long as he stays out of this." Von Stauffenberg said that he was not commenting on Cruise's acting prowess, though based on the star's oeuvre, he feared the result would be "terrible kitsch." Thomas Kretschmann, a German actor (King Kong, The Downfall) who says the part was originally written for him, called Cruise's selection "an absolute catastrophe, a real blow." He told the Welt am Sonntag that even the idea of this "epitome of modern American action cinema" putting on a German uniform with an eye patch is "quite ridiculous."

It's not clear what impact the furor will have on the movie, if any. Entitled Valkyrie and directed by Bryan Singer (Superman Returns), it is still scheduled for release in 2008. The Defense Ministry refusal to allow access to its buildings will bar cameras from the original cluster of rooms, including von Stauffenberg's office, where the plot was hatched, though presumably the setting can be replicated at studios outside Berlin. The German government action seems unlikely to cost Cruise his role. The publicity, if anything, will probably boost ticket sales, even as Germans find comfort in having spoken out: "I am very glad that the filming permission for such a high-ranking Scientology member could have been prevented," a senior official in the ruling Christian Democratic Union party, Antje Blumenthal said. "This would have equalled an acceptance of Scientology." As the world now knows, Germany is having none of that.
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It's really kind of gutsy of them to take a stand against Scientology as not a religion but a brainwashing moneymaker disguised as one. No one in America would be able to say that!

Can't those rich idoits who fall for it see it was invented by a SCI FI writer, and it involves ALIENS get a clue..
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I hear people in America saying that about Scientology all the time.
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Originally posted by corianderstem
I hear people in America saying that about Scientology all the time.
I say it every time someone mentions Tom Cruise or John Travolta.

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