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when i download an album on the internet and then go around saying how great the band is, i'm doing more for the band than if someone buys an album used and has it sit on their shelf. i'm not trying to prove anything there, i just think it's interesting.

I think it all comes down to what you think is hugely important.. I don't have as many hang-ups with downloading music because I think that 'legal' doesn't equal 'right' and 'illegal' doesn't equal 'wrong'. i'm crrrazy! See the thing is, I honestly can't afford CDs, I can't really afford much of anything. So I think the artists would rather have someone enjoying their music, being moved by it, and trying to convert their friends, than not hear them at all. Also, without internet file sharing, I'd only listen to bands on the radio and maybe a few local bands. that's pretty much a sure thing, and that's the biggest problem internet filesharing gives rise to as far as the major record labels are concerned.

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I live in a small town that recently lost our main CD store, so I've had to revert to buying from a tiny used-CD shop. I do burn CDs if I can't find the actual CD anyplace (an example is that I, having just recently really gotten into U2, couldn't find R & H or Zooropa anyplace, so I borrowed them from my brother and burned them). However, that's rarely, and I also burn CDs for friends and relatives. I make it a practise to not download whole albums-if I'm not very interested in the artist but there's one song I like I'll download it... or if I'm wondering if I'm going to buy the CD or not.

But I do buy new CDs when I can. I love the feeling of opening the package and leafing through the booklet... the smell of the new ink... and well, you understand.

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