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Old 06-24-2002, 09:00 PM   #1
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Ticketmaster fucked me....HELP!

Okay, a month ago I ordered Oasis tickets on the internet. UPS delivery, 2-3 days. I have not received them yet. My friend ordered different tickets through snail mail, and they arrived within a week. SOmething isn't right. I've already called ticketmaster, and they said to wait, they'll show up. That was 2 weeks ago. It doesn't take UPS a month to deliver 4 tickets.

I was wondering if anyone else knew what to do. The event isn't until August 7th. The order has been billed to my parents credit card, and they aren't happy with me, cause those tickets weren't cheap. I haven't tried calling UPS yet, I wouldn't know where to begin. I'm desperate and extremely pissed off. I will never order ANYTHING over the internet again, but I have to first get these Oasis tickets. I can't refund tickets I don't have, and I can't cancel the order and buy new tickets....the show is sold out. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

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as a former employee of ticketmaster...

keep calling them, and keep bitching and complaining til you get what you want. i agree that ups does not take a month to deliver the tickets. you have to be on their asses all the time. keep calling them. keep complaining. and threaten to file a complaint against them. anything. do it. i know its a hassle, but i used to work there, so i know how slow they are. i am so sorry for what your going thru, and i hope you get your tickets before the show. let us know what happens.


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Old 06-24-2002, 10:32 PM   #3
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as a disgruntled Oasis fan

you shouldn't have wasted your money. Oasis, Vancouver 1995, end of story.


Anyway, what you need to do is actually call UPS. If they have attempted delivery while you were not at home, the tickets will be at their depot. They are supposed to leave you a notice on your door, but many things could have happened to that. So first thing tomorrow, call UPS, ask them if they have a package there for you, if not, tell them your dillemma, see what they can do from your end. If still nothing, just keep on ticketmasters asses, but you probably won't get anywhere with them, because as far as they are concerned they sent you the tickets. What they should have on file though, is a bill of lading # that can be used to track your package if they did indeed send the tickets.

That's my advice, and as a little request... please don't use words like F*ck in your thread Title. Totally classless.
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Dick Master is a tool of the devil.
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i always feel a little bit uneasy when dealing with the internet...

*hugs* be like the annoying 2 yr old that just won't leave you alone...
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Old 06-24-2002, 11:36 PM   #6
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interesting thought.
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Old 06-25-2002, 04:46 AM   #7
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strange, I ordered my tix for Slane on the day they were relaeased and I got them last week thru snail mail. Keep calling them, your tix must be there somewhere!!!!
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Old 06-25-2002, 04:54 AM   #8
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aaaw I'm going to see them this week for free...sooo much better that buying tickets.....
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Old 06-25-2002, 06:42 AM   #9
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You say you ordered them on the internet...go to ticketmaster.com, and there is an option to "Check status of your order"...you enter your phone # and credit card # that the tix were ordered under, and it will tell you the status, basically if/when tickets were printed and sent.
If they were printed and sent, then it is not Ticketmaster who has made love to you(sounds nicer than "fucked" ), but UPS. You should then check with UPS.
Don't worry...if tickets got lost as long as you have your confirmation #, Ticketmaster can re-issue the tickets and void out the original tickets' bar code.
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Old 06-25-2002, 07:29 AM   #10
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as someone else mentioned, Ticketmaster should have the UPS tracking number in their system. Get that number and go to ups.com and the site will tell you where the package is.
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This has actually happened to me with U2 tickets. I chose 3 day UPS. The ticketmaster confirmation number is the UPS tracking number. After a week of seeing "tracking number not found" on UPS, I called Ticketmaster and they said "yup, your tickets are lost" and because of security reasons "they will not reprint tickets". They said for me to pick them up at the will call window the day of the event. I asked ticketmaster to send me something on paper saying this was the case so I wouldn't have any problems the day of event, which they did. I also, and you should too, bring along the printed confirmation page ( and I hope you did print it, if not you proabably still can ). This is all the proof you will ever need. When I got to the venue, I picked up the tics at will call (not actual tickets tho as they won't reprint them, just a piece of paper with seat location, conf. #, etc on it), got to my seats and 2 guys were in my seats with my tickets. Long story, big fiasco, but in the end we prevailed because I had the printed confirmation page with me and my credit card and those 2 guys got kicked out. No idea how they got my tickets, but needless to say I have never chose UPS as an option since. I always pick "standard mail" now as it doesn't cost extra and they seem to arrive within a week anyway. If I were you I would give ticketmaster a call back and demand something written from them and so they can have something left at will call for you. Another thing that I don't like about UPS is that if your not home, they'll just leave stuff in your door or on your porch. They don't require a signature.
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Originally posted by ZOOTB
I always pick "standard mail" now as it doesn't cost extra and they seem to arrive within a week anyway.
this is what i always choose as well. did this about a month or so ago with my goo goo dolls tickets and they came about a week before the event, with no complication whatsoever.

although i will say i've never had any problems with any shipping company of any kind. and anything that will let me track my shipments online is groovy in my book.

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