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Old 07-03-2003, 11:59 AM   #1
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this true or false - (when you're selling your house, is this too in your country?)

..that if you were moving house due to noisy neighbours being noisy or shouting or just an assh*le of a neighbour being an ass.....that if you DONT inform the new pple moving in......that you could end up in court?

I say this because the woman next door to my *£(&(*$&(*&*("(^&"(*^&$^&"&(^$*&$^(&(*&*%*"&^$%£&^"*&^£(*&*)*!&(&!&!(&!(&!(!!!!!!!!!!!£&)(*")(*£)*$&(*£&*($&(*"&($*£*"$*&"(*&(*!&! neighbour is moving.........her house is sold BUT she says because she cant take the fighting and beating and shouting he does to his wife - can i just say we have NOT heard this man shouting for a loooong time...but perhaps she gets it worse..........

Anyhow I think I read it somewhere that if you dont inform what your neighbour is could get, imagine TRYING to sell your house and at the same time saying what kind of a fookpot your neighbour is! Like the person REALLY would buy it!

If its really true, I find it crazy..................(ish).

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I don't know

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I don't know if that's true in Ireland Maddie but in California, real estate agents are obligated to tell all potential buyers of a house about any problems in the immediate neighborhood. If the next door neighbors have a barking dog or fights all the time and the police are called often, the agent is supposed to inform the potential buyers.

I think the people actually selling the house have the duty to tell the real estate agent but I don't think the neighbors are obligated to tell the new people moving in
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probably true
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Hmm, I don't know for sure here in the Netherlands. Now that I hear of it, I do want to know though. I just bought a house!
I think that here you have to inform those who want to buy the house of any defects of the house itself and of (municipal) policies affecting the house. Don't know for sure about noisy neighbours. The buyer himself also has a duty to investigate the house. So I think he would maybe have to find out himself (by observing the neighbourhood, asking people living nearby, etc.)

C ya!

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i'm a renter. i have no idea.
but maddie, you are adorable.
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In California a transfer disclosure statement is required.

There is a question about “neighborhood nuisances”.

I think your example qualifies.

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