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Old 04-06-2003, 05:02 PM   #31
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Originally posted by Stories for Boys
heh...i mean...i didn't beg my parents...they just don't know......and i don't think that people "should like"'s about faith, and if you don't have it, it's not like it's "the thing to do" to go to church...i consider it more that i am looked at differently because i do believe strongly in god, and have morals that go along with i guess i could add things that go against my moral beliefs to the list of things i should like but don't...
I agree with you on the idea of religion being about faith.

And with church, yeah, you're right about that-it shouldn't be "the thing" to go to church. People should go to church only if they want to, not because they're forced to by anyone else.

I think it's great if people out there are strong in their faith, and they have their beliefs and they stick to them and everything-which is what you do. I don't consider that weird at all.

Heck, I believe in God as well...but it's just that I'm just not that religious, personally.

But for those who are, great, more power to ya. . If it makes you happy, if it's something you hold dear, that's all that matters.

Originally posted by Stories For Boys
yeah, but i'm with you on the makeup thing...if people don't want to talk to me cause i don't have gunk smeared over my face, they aren't worth my time anyway...i wear it on special occasions though, like if i'm going out...sometimes...
Yep. .

Originally posted by Stories For Boys
also, my sister yells at me cause i wear jeans and a tshirt almost every day...what does it matter what i wear? it's always clean and comfy...what else matters?

Geez, it's a rare occasion that I get dressed up...jeans and a comfy T-shirt work for me, too.

Your sister yells at you for that? That sucks.

Why would she care anyway? It's not her that has to wear the outfit (that's what I always say to people who freak out over what someone else wears-they aren't the ones that wear the outfit, it's not their body, so...lay off).

My sister's kinda like that, too-the thing with her is that she will comment that some part of my outfit may sometimes not match something else-first off, if I'm hanging around the house and not going anywhere, what's the big problem? Second, sometimes what I'm wearing may be the only clean thing at the moment, if my mom's doing laundry, so that's not my fault., yeah, it's nice if the outfit matches, but if it doesn't-it's not the end of the world.

Fashion's just never been a big hoopla for me at all...whenever I read a magazine I always skip over the fashion pages, simply because that stuff doesn't fascinate me.

And it shows when my family goes to the mall-I don't head for the clothing stores or the makeup area and all that. No, I head straight for the books and music sections. .


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The West Wing. I kind of liked the first season (what little I saw of it anyway), but after that every time I tried to watch it I got a migraine headache and ended up switching the channel. Everyone where I work thinks this show is the greatest thing since sliced bread and that Aaron Sorkin is a genius, but I just find the whole thing a pretentious bore.

Friends. I have never understood the appeal of this show. I don't find it even midly funny and I hate the characters.

Chick flicks. Not all of them, but most of them (and yes, I am female).

Reality TV. Why won't it just die already?

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Old 04-06-2003, 10:13 PM   #33
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Most of the so-called "roots music" that has been recorded since "O Brother Where Art Thou." These artists are mostly Bandwagoners.

The New York Yankees.

The Los Angeles Dodgers (although I will go to their games occasionally because the stadium is close by).

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Old 04-06-2003, 11:31 PM   #34
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i couldnt even last a week...

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Old 04-07-2003, 09:00 AM   #35
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underwire bras

oops...Had to wear
all of the above today!
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Network television
L.A. Lakers
Woody Allen movies (its a requirement to like them if you live in New York)
the Easter bunny
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Old 04-07-2003, 10:53 AM   #37
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lol, the Easter Bunny does in fact suck.
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Originally posted by Moonlit_Angel
everything Moonlit_Angel said
What are you my psychic twin or something? I could have written that post...except for the bit about Harry Potter, that is. Milk + cereal = icky and LOTR just looks boring without even spending 5 to find out that it is in fact boring. (Sorry LOTR fans.)
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after today, 24 kids in one place
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The Fly
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Hmmm...lets see....




Nick Cage


warm milk

the Matrix

I could go

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move: it's a wonderful life
music: talking heads, sting
communicating with people in general, im and email and written letters are ok, i just don't like the actual speaking part...
my family
green peppers
red peppers
coca cola
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Old 04-07-2003, 08:48 PM   #42
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yeah...i'll add red meat...i don't eat it
and mushrooms



and every possible type of seafood
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Hamburgers and fries (and most fast food in general!)
guys with long hair
Reality TV
Colin Firth
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talking on the phone
and most of the time movies
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my cell phone
my job
my so called life right now

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