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Old 09-17-2005, 10:09 AM   #46
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When I was visiting India in July, I found a rubicks cube being sold at a little shop on the sidewalk. Hadn't seen one in years, so immediately bought it. Still couldn't solve it.
My sister was really cracking it though!

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My friend has a book with how to solve the Rubiks cube and I managed to do one side of the cube, which was a real achievement for me.

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Originally posted by U2Kitten
Being a teenager with no responsibilties

real music and videos on MTV

cheap gas prices, freedom to take all the rides you want

U2 being the biggest thing on MTV and in the world!

JT Bono looking soooo hot with his long hair and bare chest
Well, I did have responsibilities; I had an after-school job, had to help my mom with her jobs, schoolwork, etc. But I was younger, much slimmer and didn't have quite so much grey hair!

I went to my first (and so far only) U2 Concert: the second Tempe show on the Joshua Tree tour. My ticket cost $16, and I still had a good view of the stage! The Edge looked so handsome, with his clean-shaven face and long hair in the ponytail...
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I remember wearing "designer jeans" and getting my legs all blue because of the dye used on them..........then, you had to wash them separately, otherwise your other clothes would turn blue!
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While JT is not my favorite U2 album, I will admit to missing that era of U2. Bono's voice was always strong and I liked his look then. He was a little preachy and corny as a result, but his vocals and attitude made up for it.

What I miss most, though, as far as music, was the ability to hear just about anything on the radio. If you wanted silly pop, it was there, but along with great stuff from groups like U2, R.E.M., Depeche Mode, The Smiths, The Police, etc. Rap - and fun rap, not gangsta or vulgarity-filled rants - was present too.

The 80's seemed to take the good from the 60's and 70's and left out the bad. Granted, there was plenty bad in the 80's too, but even the bad seemed a bit more colorful and creative. Like clothing - stuff you'd never wear now, but it was fun then (pastel clothes for men, Miami Vice type suits).

For me pesonally, I went from a teen to a 20-something in that decade, so there were lots of firsts and achievements. Like graduating high school and college, getting my driver's license and then my first car, moving out of my parents' home to my own place, getting my first NEW car, getting a nicer apartment, etc. Those can never be repeated. Getting a new home or car is always fun - but it doesn't quite have the same magic as it once did.

All of that said, what I love about today's world is, by far, the 'net. Getting to hear and see U2 concerts days or weeks after they were performed is fantastic. Technology is also so strong that no longer do we hear these crappy boots filled with audience noise, or horrible video. We get clear images and far clearer audio - and it's downloadable! No searching reclusive record stores for a treasure. I love iPods! I love special effects (if used wisely) in movies. I love having access to information immediately.

Certain styles from the 80's are already returning and it's just a matter of time before more radio stations start changing their formats again. Perhaps, some day, we'll have the best of the past and present. Sadly, we can't have JT-era Bono any more, but we have pictures and video and that'll do. Besides, do we really want a JT-era Bono now - at 45?
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Originally posted by MrsSpringsteen
being young and naive (in a good way)

my long hair
I miss that too but I still have my long hair.

I also miss High School ans I really hated mullets!
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A few things i can think of for now is:

1. Discovering U2 of course!

2. Watching the Brit. tv show The tube - It was a fantastic time for music tv over here&i loved Jools&Paulas' style of presenting And of course, that was when we first saw her flirt like crazy with Michael Hutchence!

3. Going to London for the 1st time to see Duran Duran!!!! It was overwhelming&to see at first hand all the other girls going NUTS over Simon or John! Experiencing that was the closest i'll get to Beatlemania, ever i think!

Like RR, i'll prob think of lots more later on!
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Now that I think about it....there is one thing I do 1987 Corvette.......which is now a 2005 soon we forget the way things were?

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My parents being together
Clyde Drexler
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Originally posted by susanp6

. Going to London for the 1st time to see Duran Duran!!!! It was overwhelming&to see at first hand all the other girls going NUTS over Simon or John! Experiencing that was the closest i'll get to Beatlemania, ever i think!

OK I still react that way to Simon
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Originally posted by youtwohearts

Shaper hair spray

and the entire paul mitchell line
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Originally posted by Axver
- U2 actually touring New Zealand.
- New Zealand being the world champions. Well, OK, we still are and always will be but in the eighties we had the Cup to prove it.
To add to that:

- David Lange (translation: a national leader who could, gasp, speak and debate with incredible competence!). If only national leaders today had his oratory abilities ...
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Ian McCulloch the U2 fan:
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"And as for Bono, he needs a colostomy bag for his mouth."

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Belenenses winning the Portuguese Cup. (1989)
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Acid Wash jeans. Bright, Neon-colored t-shirts and Tye-Die t-shirts.


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