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The Fly
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Things about Americans some others don't get about us

The main thing I see is that some people, especially those in big cities in Europe, can't understand our car culture and how most of us CANNOT get to work any other way other than by our own cars. When the subject of gas prices comes up, inevitably someone goes 'so take your bike' But do they realize a vast majority of Americans live in places where you CAN'T take your bike, either because of distance or logistics? For example, my brother. He's a biking guy, he goes on bike marathons, wears the helmet, shorts, etc., and is very good at long distance biking. However, he can't take it to work because it's a 25 mile commute from his comfortable suburban neighborhood up either the interstate, where bikes aren't allowed, or cracktown, where he may not make it. Either way, he'd have to leave a lot earlier, not be able to take his kid to daycare, and come in to work with wrinkly clothes, messy hair and smelling like a locker room. So it's not realistic because not everyone lives in a place where this is possible. Same with public transportation. Probably at least 75% of Americans live in a place where there IS none, and even if they do it's not always feasible. Same with carpooling, what if no one around you is going your way?

Other people have to drive an hour or more from their rural or outlying area to the office or factory in the city. It seems like a lot of people don't really get the sheer vastness of the country, and how people depend on cars to get them across this area, and in many places there are no busses or trains. The American lifestyle grew based on the car, and it can't just change now. Not everyone can (or even wants to!) move to the big city, and even if they did, there'd be no room.

Okay that's mine, got any more?

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and for half the nation it would suck trying to ride your bike in the the snow..

in maine ...people really need trucks.

not SUV's but trucks with plows......weve got one.
best investment

but .....why didnt ya post this in the other thread? .....its way fun

i think people shoudl also be aware of the emissions testing - your car is tested to make sure thats its not putting out more than its share of toxins

martha would say "its a good thing"

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No more of these threads right now please, I think they've caused enough arguments. This is more of a FYM topic anyway. No offense to you.
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