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Originally posted by zonelistener

Here is the challenge for all of the women here......

I would say that maybe outside of the ever-dashing Deathbear and maybe Super-sexy Diamon - the majority of the men who post here look NOTHING like the poster boys you drool over daily (Justified, etc. etc.)

So, what I am saying is.....Don't you guys have these "perfect" male body images in your heads when in reality a lot of us can't live up to these images....??????

Double standard? hmmmmmm

Just a challenge....discuss.

- I am sure I would be a size 16 or higher if I wore women's clothing.....
I know that I go for personality alot more than I go for looks...I mean, I have little quirks I am attracted to, like anyone. But I tend to be attracted to an imperfect, unique look--I'm attracted to that person, just because I am. I like poster boys (look at my avatar!) but that's not who or what I seek out. I would never turn a guy down because he wasn't a pretty boy!

I knew a guy who had a perfect body, perfect looks, hair, etc.--people thought he was very good looking. And he really liked me. But I was just simply not attracted. At all. And his perfectness really put me off and often made *me* feel a bit of a troll!

On the other hand, I admit I have been sucked in by great looks, only to find out what a sleaze the guy really was.

But *I* have a question for the *you* ever feel pressured to look like a media ideal? I mean, do you look in the mirror and think "So-and-so has such a great body and girls like him, girls will never like me!" And would you actively spend hours in the gym trying to attain a perfect body, or spend hours on your hair and clothes...whatever? Do you ever feel that kind of pressure, or do you blow it off easier?

I suppose my question might be answered by the one posed, but I am still unsure if guys feel that kind of fear and self-loathing that alot of women are driven to feel....?


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