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Theatre geeks?

I'm a newbie theatre geek. I took my first acting class last fall, and my girlfriend has been involved with drama since high school. So between those two, I decided to start getting involved with actual productions here at school. We just finished the big spring production, Ordinary People. In the play, I played Cal, the father in a family on the verge of falling apart. It was a blast, even though the play is depressing as hell. And it was a bit intimidating, especially since the character has the most lines and biggest part outside of the son. But it was a blast, plus I got to work every night with my girlfriend who was acting stage manager.

Now we're moving on to Student-Directed One Acts. Hoo Boy. First off, Colleen is directing one of them, in which I have a minor part. It's a play called Cut by Ed Monk, in which a group of actors are putting on plays within plays within plays and the end leaves you wondering what was real and what wasn't. Very postmodern. And very fun. My role is a walk-on role as a guy changing the lights, and I end up talking about how my wife left me and I was in Nam etc. But the reason I got the bit part is...

I'm playing God in another play. A play called God and Man, Having a Few Beers and Talking Things Over. My parents are NOT seeing this. The campus is going to hate me. It's very very very much irreverent but thoughtful, sort of like Dogma. Basically, God and Man, or in this case woman, are in a cafe talking over beer and pretzels. The discussion ranges from purpose, faith, the existence of God, and is sure to piss off my conservative student body. I'm not the director, I didn't select the play... but I'm playing God in a potentially controversial play. It's weird. But I'm looking forward to it in a way. It's not telling people to think one way or another, but basically the end message is just "it's good to have faith of some sort." Oh, and I'm doing God with a British accent, not quite but almost Cockney.

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Gotta love those walk on parts.

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Originally posted by u2valleygirl
Gotta love those walk on parts.

Okay, yes, that is just because I'm used to discussing film.

What I actually meant is that it's simply a brief character who walks out in front of the other actors, has a dialogue with another character, and leaves. And never appears again. He's supposed to be "real" as opposed to the characters the other actors are playing.
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I am thinking about taking some acting classes.
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I used to be in musicals when I was little.

No joke.
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I'm taking theatre at A-level.
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Former Theatre Techie Geek

I did appear onstage in a few numbers in a Broadway Revue show. However I could normally be found in either the Orchestra pit (Cello) or backstage.

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