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Old 08-31-2005, 09:23 AM   #1
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The whole new Rolling Stones album available online

The best tracks (IMO) are Laugh I Nearly Died, Biggest Mistake and This Place Is Empty.
Great album, the best in 20+ years. Not bad for a bunch of 60's something bastards.

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16 tracks, something U2 should learn from the big boys.

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Each new Stones album is always called the best one in years, or the best one since Some Girls. But in weeks, the lustre quickly faded off Steel Wheels, Voodoo Lounge, and Bridges to Babylon. Also, the Stones haven't put out a great album in almost 30 years, so that's not saying much.

I'm expecting no better with this one.
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Originally posted by BrownEyedBoy
16 tracks, something U2 should learn from the big boys.
less is more

I do like a few of the songs, Infamy is clever, and I especially like the words to Sweet Neo Con (oh boy, I'm in for it now)
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Old 09-02-2005, 08:30 AM   #5
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Originally posted by lazarus
I'm expecting no better with this one.
maybe its a good idea to give it a listen without prejudice?

ive said it before here on interference, the stones in fact have made great music post some girls. to me, voodoo lounge is a great album and steel wheels has several fantastic moments. lets not even get into discussion on tattoo you, which is among the best the stones have ever done. but, of course, there have also been weaker albums. undercover, dirty work and bridges to babylon aren't their best efforts to put it mildly. but even those albums have their moments.

i for one have never said that bridges to babylon was the best in years and later said differently.

but this time: woohoo - a bigger bang truely is the biggest stones bang in a looooooooooooong time and i sincerely doubt that my opinion will change.

a bigger bang is far greater and more consistent than any of the post tattoo you albums. i cannot say whether or not eventually i will rank it beside some girls/tattoo you or even above! the album is that good.

its a very diverse record. at this point, my personal faves are:

rough justice a+ rocker
rain fell down a+ dance track
biggest mistake a+ ballad
infamy a+ keith crooner

but: the best stones song in probably quite a few decades: laugh i nearly died a++++++++
people, people, peeps: go listen to that one - it could fit right in on exile on main street side 4

btw hi soldatti i see you post quite a bit on the rocks off forum; myself im a lurker over there

btw2 u2 could only wish it could make such a great album 43 years in their carreer - i really hope they do!! at this stage, i honestly think a bigger bang beats atyclb and htdaab by a landslight (not pop)
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Old 09-02-2005, 08:35 AM   #6
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This is actually surprisingly good. I actually tend to think all their albums are solid listening , but this is their best since Tattoo You. Wonder if anyone will notice.

My favorites:
Rough Justice - just a typical great rocker
Rain Fall Down - funky, could of been on Some Girls
Back of My Hand - they haven't done delta blues like this since Beggar's Banquet and Let It Bleed
Oh No, Not You Again - nice snarling "Fuck You" rocker
Laugh, I Nearly Cried - very soulful ballad
Sweet Neo Con - nasty blues rock. Once again a "Fuck You" but to Bush this time
Infamy - Keith is just cool
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I can't wait to hear this!!!!

Stones fucking rule
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...why am i such a sucker for "streets of love"?
greatttt album <3
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