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Originally posted by Headache in a Suitcase
oh come on... you love the dukies... just admit it

No Crazies
No Krush

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In hockey, I hate the when the shot from the point misses the net. Hey, moron, you're paid big money, put the puck on the net.

In hockey, I hate the players who absolutely refuse to wear visors despite the fact that every player to enter the league over the past ten years (at least) was subject to a mandatory visor their whole playing career. Suddenly, it impairs their vision? Stupid machismo! Contracts should state if you don't wear a visor and lose vision, contract not guaranteed. Many of us have to wear protective equipment at our workplaces or seatbelts or motorcycle helmets, safety is important.

Why the hell do they have figure skating as a sport? Sure, that stuff they do is damn hard, triple jumps and shit but the judging process is a joke. Totally subjective. It's like a mini-parliament, back room deals everywhere. I have seen skaters fall down and still win gold because "their program was more technically challenging" Whatever!

Boxing, same problem, the judging in pro boxing is crap. How many matches have you seen where at the end you are like WTF? He got his ass kicked and won. Go back to the 15 rounders or fight til someone drops

In baseball, players who don't run out pop flys or ground outs. Sometimes people drop the ball or throw it away. It happens, get to first base, create urgency and force the defensive player to make the play quicker.

I do defend the intentional walk, though but I agree with the bases loaded walk. That is just pathetic. Let em hit it.

The intentional walk is done with the 4 pitches cause 1) the pitcher may throw it away, I've seen it happen 2)the batter might reach out a hit it, if it isn't thrown outside enough 3) sometimes throwing 4 balls in a row, puts the pitcher off his game which is why sometimes you see a pitcher give an intentional pass and then get pulled from the mound. They don't want their relief pitcher to come into the game and throw an intentional walk, they want quality pitches. That's my pitch, Mr.BAW,

Oh, regarding ads, they allow people to pay $75 for their seats instead of $80.

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