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Old 12-01-2002, 11:39 PM   #1
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The streets of Canberra are no longer safe!

Yes, I finally have a license, and a car. Beware, Canberran motorists! *bwahahahaha*

Okay, so it's a bit late to be announcing it.. I've had the car nearly a month now, but I'm still hyped about it! I have a car! My first car... it's so cute... little Mazda 121...

The manual tells me (in rough Japanese translation), that the shape of my car is a "Popular Bubble"... and its colour is "Mystic Rose".... It's red and it's a pregnant rollerskate!

I'm thinking of calling it Minmi, after a small, round Australian dinosaur... but it sounds a bit too much like "Mini Me"... Oh well, I suppose Austin Powers can't last forever.

Why am I telling you? Well, because I can, for a start... because a few people who still remember might give a rats arse, and also because, at the car yard, when I first got in it to drive it back to work... I turned on the ignition, the radio came on... and Desire was playing! That was pretty damn cool.

My day was going fantastically until I drove it home from work... it refused to start after I filled it with petrol (yes, AFTER I filled it up!), so I got a nearby mechanic to jump start it... drove around a lot to keep engine running and charge it up... stalled at a roundabout, wouldn't start. Dead as your proverbial dinosaur. Called NRMA (roadside assist ppl) and had to replace the battery... all of 5 hours after I bought the thing! I laughed about it... later. My friend got blisters running home barefoot for our mobile phones etc. So, $100 later I have a functioning car.
No warranty for the battery of course... but I called the dealer and because a mate of his put me onto him, he agreed to pay me $50 for the battery... so I'm happy.

I have a car!

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Old 12-02-2002, 12:26 AM   #2
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Woohooo! Ali!! Congrats

Hope everything is working ok on it now!

I almost bought a 121 a few months ago, white, about 5 years old (I think) ran fairly good, seemed great, gears were lovely, clutch was new, everything seemed great. Took it to my mechanic just before forking over all the money and he takes one look under the bonnet and says "um, its been in a fairly bad accident". 3 weeks of arguing with the car yard later I got my deposit back and told them to piss off when they said you better use that deposit on another of our quality vehicles. Yeah and I can fart the theme from Gilligans Island.
God I HATE car salesmen!!!!!!

Sorry for sidetracking Ali! I still think 121's are good little cars, congratulations!!

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Old 12-04-2002, 04:50 AM   #3
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Yeah, no problems since then...
Everyone says 121s are "good little cars"... word for word! Popular bubbles or not... Mine's about 5 years old too... no accidents I hope! Bizarre that the one you tried was so good but had been smashed up... guess it would have come out in the end tho.
I hate salesmen of all varieties... but car salesmen and estate agents are the worst.
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