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Old 03-01-2006, 09:06 AM   #1
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The Shaggy Dog 3/10

On March 10th the movie the Shaggy Dog will be out.

I just wanted to let anyone who will be seeing the movie that the lead star is a Bearded Collie. He is adorable, likable, cute, fluffy, loving, affectionate, etc.

Well heres the issue, usually when a movie with a dog comes out that breed becomes very popular and everyone wants one. I am posting to let everyone know that you shouldn't want a Bearded Collie.

I have a Bearded Collie named Yankee. He is 2 years old. Besides the above I have mentioned, plus being a huge part of our family,
I'd say he is almost human its eerie, his eyes say everything....
But this gorgeous looking dog is a lot of work, more so than my children, inorder to keep his hair long and lucious, it must be brushed everyday, so we have his hair short, when it is long he brings in the entire yard, He barks excessively, He things hes married to me and not my husband. He loves loves children other dogs and cats, he trys not to let anyone leave a room or house by barking, hes a jumper, jumps on people to greet them and looks as if he is having convulsions to kiss them. He is however excellent with small children. He was hard to train and I even had a professional trainer which cost a $1,000. He also likes to try to run out of the house when ever he gets a chance. So I had the ID Micro ship inserted. He gets into the garbage all the time and trys to steal food as fast as he can. Even though his favorite treats are snausages.

I did a lot of research on breeds before we chose Yankee. The information it gave doesn't compare to what the dog is really like he needs constant exercise and if he is bored he gets into trouble, he has dug holes in my yard to China! We also met his parents when he was a puppy I thought they were great little did I know they were like that all the time jumping barking.

We still have him and deal with our beloved....He is one of us and will always be.

I just wanted everyone to know that even though we love our Beardie, not to run out and buy one because they were cute in the movie or because your kids begged you. I just didn't want to see an abundance of them end up in shelters because of this movie.

Here are some photos:

Red eye problems....

Despite several faults, you can see why we love him.

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That movie looks Awful.

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Same kind of thing happened with the influx of movies and TV shows featuring Jack Russell Terriers. My son just HAD to have one and we researched and I tried to stall on it because we already had 2 cats in the house. I finally gave in (such a sucker for cute little puppies I am) and bought a fullbred JRT at age 8mos from someone on the other side of our Apt complex. We've had her for 6 years, but let me tell you, this breed is NOT for everyone.

Sure they are smart and absolutely adorable, but we ended up making a decision to find another home for the cats because this cute little 11 lb dog could corner both of the cats (both of whom were bigger than the dog) with intent to kill. Jack Russell's are hunting dogs and we learned they HATE cats. Altho we have a short hair, ours is not too high maintenance, but she exhausts us even nearing age 7yrs she's not slowed down a bit. She is extremely smart. We can give her verbal commands and talk to her and she will perform tricks or do things like go to the back door, which door do we use to get the mail, run fast, go hide your treat etc. But she needs and DEMANDS constant attention except when she sleeps which isn't very long! I do love her to death, but my son is off to college and living on his own and I live by myself. Just me and the dog. She exhausts me! I her tho! She gets SO much attention everywhere we go.

Thanks, JCOSTER, for posting about the dog's breed and being honest about the breed. It is really sad when people choose a pet not knowing what is involved and end up giving it away (which happened with my baby's first owners).
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That movie looks god awful, I cannot stand Tim Allen, he makes me want to puke.
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I saw the original and the tv remake with the Growing Pains guy. I guess that was before I watched actual films...
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I like shaggy dog stories.

You know. The ones that have a little boy getting a dog with lovely fur and telling his friend "hey isn't that the shaggiest dog you've ever seen" and the friend says "yeah, why not show it your mum?" and then the boy shows the dog to his mum and she says "yeah, why not show it to your dad" and so on and so forth until "hey, why not show it to President Bush" and Dubya says "No".

Haha. I have zero sense of humour.

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