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The possible strike in MLB

I have a confession to make. I'm one of the last Expos fan left in the world. I should say, one of the last going-to-MLB-games fans in Montreal.

We had I994. Montreal was first in Major Baseball and we could go on saying Montreal would have won the World Series. The World Series didn't happened though. The players wanted more money and they did. Montreal lives with the $CAN currency and had to sell its best players to survive in the MLB (Alou, Walker, Deshields, for example). Now, the MLB wants to contract the Expos (but I say they will move them) instead of re-think its sytem (like share profits). The players still want more money.

If there is a strike, then it would be the end of the Montreal Expos for sure (now they say they will contract them, or move them, or they will stay) and the start of then end for other small US markets too. Of course, the Expos had bad management (Claude Brochu and Jeffrey Loria), but the strike was the biggest hurt. People are still interestd in baseball, but aren't interested in going see a team wich will trade its best players the next year... or be moved or contracted. And they don't want to go see a team playing in MLB too, at least in its actual form. And they don't want go see a team managed by... Brochu, Loria or the MLB itself.

Why would the players strike for more money ? Apparently that September IIth changed "our [USA] innocence". Well it certainly didn't change the players mentality (I won't go on with politics ). While 2/3 of the countries are living in miserable conditions, the proud Argentina going bankrupt, war, drugs, etc... baseball players want more money ? Come on. Its completely unnacceptable. They are messing the honesty of baseball (they did in Montreal in '94 for sure) or any other sports.

I hope the Expos get contracted, not moved. In that way, they would have belong to Montreal alone and finally leave the MLB circus. Too bad, because I'm a real baseball fan, I played it when I was young in my city league, I now play it with friends, I regulary go at the Olympic Stadium, I mean its my favorite sport. But MLB ruins the honesty of "professionnal" baseball. What's professionnal when players are getting pay that much and its runned by complete idiots ?

Cheers and have a good baseball season anyways.

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i couldnt agree more. nice to see ya around btw.

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Can you help a MLB newbie and explain what the problem is, and why the strike is threatened?

I heard something on the radio the other day about profit sharing or something.... ???
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