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Old 07-02-2006, 05:29 PM   #301
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Why all the animosity against C Ronaldo? He only did what he was suppossed to do.

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Originally posted by MacPhistoPT

Now what? Penalty against Iran? It's penalty, anyone sees it. Boulahrouz second yellow card? That twat hit Figo with his elbow, anyone sees it. Much more than deserved second yellow card.
lol, Boulahrouz should have been sent off for his charge in C Ronaldo, but if you are going to call that an elbow then there would be 7 red cards each match for 'elbows'

I still maintain that all in all Portugal deserved to win that match anyway because of a woeful display by the dutch, but that was a dive if I ever saw one

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Originally posted by BrownEyedBoy
Why all the animosity against C Ronaldo? He only did what he was suppossed to do.

if I saw one of my teammates getting stomped in his crotch then I would be on my way over there
no matter whether the guy who did it plays with me when the tournament is over
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Ronaldo is a disgrace, getting Rooney sent off, his provocative behaviour ( the wink, headbutt before the match, frequent diving). I actually hope he stays in England to recieve a torrent of abuse.

Also, Portugal as a whole were their usual dishonourable, cynical cheating selves..
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Old 07-02-2006, 11:31 PM   #305
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Slow Down dude

You say all this of Ronaldo , your opinion , but say he got Rooney out of the game .....

What About Mr Wayne putting a foot in the weakest area of a man , that's somethin ..... You just dont do in a fight , talk bout in a game , that was supposed to be fair play and all .....
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For the fellow Zizou fans, a video:
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Fine....feel free to condone blatant cheating, diving, trying to get players sent off etc. I just can't stand to see that crap, it's so dishonest, and it's something Portugal as a team seem to be known for... As for Rooney, I doubt you can say 100% what he did was intentional as regards the stamp, so I can only assume he was sent off undeservedly for a minor push.

And don't get me started on selecting an Argentinian referee for an England match!

PS. Alan Shearer was utterly correct when he said Rooney should "stick one on" Ronaldo when they get back to Man Utd!
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Old 07-03-2006, 12:46 AM   #308
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Originally posted by Salome

if I saw one of my teammates getting stomped in his crotch then I would be on my way over there
no matter whether the guy who did it plays with me when the tournament is over
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Originally posted by yertle-the-turtle

Um, so England - one of the most dire teams in the whole of the competition, which is bloody amazing considering this might actually have been one of the best England sides ever (has that midfield looked any stronger?) - so England progressing would have made the tournament less boring?
Yes....less boring for ME at least.........

Anyway, I decided that I'm going to root for Portugal for the win.

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Old 07-03-2006, 02:08 AM   #310
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Originally posted by AchtungBono

Here's one Aussie supporter who totally agrees that you guys got cheated...

I love the Socceroos and I would love to read your article.....
Thanks and here it is! Be warned its a little long and I didn't know how to post a link. I think I also may have a few facts wrong. Leave some feeback please!

How the World Cup Stole the Hearts and Minds of a Nation
By Daniel Paproth

Guus Hiddink is a legend in many more ways than one. After a lacklustre career himself, he tackled coaching, and after successful stints in Holland, he came to the aid of 2002 World Cup host nation South Korea. Against all the odds, the country, previously virtually unknown on a world soccer level before, made the semi-finals before gallantly bowing out. Four years later he was back again, this time at the hands of Australia, a place where AFL dominates and Soccer is lucky to take out half a page in most newspapers. There was a mountainous task ahead.
Few will remember what happened in 2002. Australia, with the likes Viduka and Kewell and Schwarzer finally getting some recognition, traveled to Montevideo, Uruguay, to play for a spot in the World Cup being held in Japan and South Korea. Soccer grabbed the attention of Aussies back home, many unaware that Australia even had a soccer team. Needless to say, the Socceroos went down 3-1, their apparent World Cup dream over.
For a few weeks afterwards, soccer stirred interest. Coach Frank Farina was under pressure, players seemed uninspired. Australia was getting a harsh deal, they said. The Oceania group held only ½ a spot so the winner of the Oceania qualifiers would need to play another country to be guaranteed entry to the World Cup. Later this would be solved by moving Australia into the Asian section, but for a while Australian people sympathised for this Aussie squad. But then they realised footy was on that weekend, and soccer was all but forgotten.
Enter Guus Hiddink. Frank Farina, through all his trials and tribulations, it has to be said never lead the Socceroos to any real success, bar beating weak Oceania teams and England in a friendly. But Hiddink changed the team. Put them through a more rigorous training schedule. Dropped players who had always held the belief they were safe under Farina. Selected unknowns and put his faith into them. Eventually the Socceroos were off to, once again, Uruguay. The pains of four years before slowly came creeping back. But you sensed this time something was different. There was a hunger, a passion, a desire to attain recognition and support in the eyes of Australians.
The Socceroos left Uruguay still not guaranteed a place in the Germany 2006 World Cup, needing only a 1-1 draw to get through. And the decider would be played in Sydney. The stage was set. A record crowd got to the game to cheer the Socceroos on, and in amazing scenes the Aussies did what was needed to win. We were off to the World Cup. For the first time in 32 years. For a moment, Guus Hiddink became a saint.
On their way, Australia would beat the European champions Greece 1-0, draw with soccer superstars Holland 1 all, beat a Dutch side 8-1, and win against the lowly-ranked Lietechestein, albeit unconvincingly. All of a sudden, Australian soccer stole the hearts and minds of all Australians, both home-grown and oriental, who willed them on. The Socceroos became the little team that could.
The draw came out: Australia had ended up in Group F, with lightweights Japan, Croatia, who had half a team of Aussies, as we had half a team of Croats, and six-time World Cup winners Brazil. Not the easiest Group, but this team had already enough defied odds to prove they could overcome tough challenges.
Soccer even became THE sport in Australia for a while. As the opening game drew nearer, soccer expanded from brief stories in the back pages of the sport to two or three or four pages, and even AFL seemed to pale in comparison. Then the World Cup kicked off. And it well truly took a nation with it.
The game against Japan was awe-inspiring. The Aussies, the underdogs, the team who had never kicked a goal at world cup level, booted three goals in eight minutes, almost unheard of in general soccer games. That was all we needed. Soccer became huge after that victory. The hype leading into the Brazil game was massive, and all the talk was of an upset, maybe a draw or even a win. Unlikely, but we dared to dream.
But the referees – known to at times favour the bigger, more intimidating nations – gave Brazil 25 free kicks to the Socceroos 9. After a tight first half, in which Australia managed to keep the scoreline at nil-all, the Brazilians broke the deadlock with a skillful goal through Ronaldo and Adriano. And despite the relentless attacking by the Aussies, the shots by Bresciano, Kewell, Viduka, etc were all either stopped or off-target. In the dying minutes Brazilian substitute Fred came on and within minutes had a goal, leaving a previously respectable scoreline at 2-0.
The result meant that to get through, Australia needed to either draw or beat Croatia, and Japan had to lose to Brazil, which was almost a given. As the Croatia/Australia clash was talked up in the media, it seemed everyone had jumped on the growing bandwagon.
The Croatia game was a see-sawing affair. After a goal in the opening minutes to Croatia, the Socceroos attacked ruthlessly, eventually being rewarded with a penalty to Craig Moore, who duly delivered to the top-left corner. Another Croatian goal in the second half and the Aussies were in dire straits. But in a moment which has gone down in Australian sporting history, a long pass to Harry Kewell resulted in a brilliant goal, giving the Socceroos a 2-all draw and a place in the next round.
The goal was replayed at every opportunity, and scenes in Federation Square and other locations were wild and jubilant. As it turned out, Australia would be playing Italy in the second round, meaning that Melbourne’s most cultured street, Lygon Street, would become a loud and passionate place to be game time.
The euphoria surrounding the oriental clash between the Azzuri and the Socceroos was gigantic. Lygon Street shop owners even made the news, telling their stories of preparation for the perhaps the biggest sporting challenge any Australian team had ever faced. The game that followed failed somewhat to live up to exhilaration of the fans, that was until injury time. After a great display against the soccer greats, the Socceroos had kept the Italians scoreless, although they hadn’t managed to score themselves. But in the dying seconds of the game, Lucas Neill, in a desperate attempt to keep the score at nil-all, made a perfectly legal tackle. But in a disgraceful style true to soccer, the player took a blatant dive, cheaply falling over Neill’s chest, and in an a downright disappointing decision, the umpire decided it would a be a penalty, to be taken from point blank range. He scored, ending Australia’s magnificent and inspiring run against the powerhouses of international soccer, as all too familiar ‘hard-luck’ stories raged the nation. Even the Italians sympathised. For this aspiring journalist it was hard to get to sleep that night. As it would have been for millions of other Australians, turned into Socceroo fans, at least for a few weeks.
After some pain subsided, it became clear that the losses to Italy and Brazil, the draw against Croatia and the still-amazing win against Japan turned Soccer from virtually unknown in Australia to something that grappled the nation’s attention, overcame all odds to truly inspire a sports-mad country.
And the man who started it all, Guus Hiddink, has left behind a legacy which will no doubt transform soccer into a much more powerful being. To steal the attention of Aussie sports fans from AFL to a much less exciting game is no mean feat. It still isn’t the number one game in Australia, and it never will be, but we know that from now on, for one month every four years, the attention will turn to the world game.
And for that, we owe Guus Hiddink a beer or two.
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Originally posted by jimmmm

Don't talk so fucking stupid.
How about not being so rude?
"Knight in shining Zubaz."

Bonochick [at]
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Allez les bleus !!!!!!!!!!
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C. Ronaldo is good, but not so good that he can send players off. If that was the case, I am sure he would manage to send off some more brits. The bulldog was sent off because his pea-sized brain didn't stop him from kicking Carvalho (best defender of the tournament btw) only half a meter from the ref.

Now, to the british press here's my updated list of recent events:

- Portugal beats England in the Euro 2000
- Porto beats ManUtd in the champions 2004
- Portugal beats England in the Euro 2004
- Sporting beats Borough in UEFA 2005
- Sporting beats Newcasttle in UEFA 2005
- Benfica beats ManUtd in the champions 2006
- Benfica beats Liverpool in the champions 2006
- Portugal beats England in the World Cup 2006
(you can also add to that Mourinho's victories in the last two edition's of the premiership)

That's more than enough to proove which country has become better in terms of football over the past years. Unfortunately, it's not enough for the portuguese teams to have the respect they deserve from the british press. instead of that, they prefer to keep finding stupid excuses, creating provocative stories and offending the portuguese teams, as they did so well before, during and after this match.

If arrogancy would score goals you would be world cahampions. Since that is not true, we'll have to wait for the dispute between the four better teams in the world.

see you in your next defeat.
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Originally posted by ntalwar
For the fellow Zizou fans, a video:
That's a nice video, but shouldn't the video be running backwards?
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Originally posted by BrownEyedBoy
Why all the animosity against C Ronaldo? He only did what he was suppossed to do.
Is he supposed to "headbutt" opponents, in a bid to wind them up, did he need to go running to the ref, to tell him how to do his job, & what was the wink to the bench for, letting them know he'd done what he said he was going to do, wind Rooney up enough to get him sent off, he's a lowlife, devious, treacherous spineless cry-baby, & once again I say the sooner he's out of Old Trafford the better, good riddance to bad rubbish!

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