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Old 07-31-2004, 02:41 AM   #1
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The most depressing band...

Tonight I was reminded of a debate I had in college about 10 years ago. The debate was who was the most depressing band. My two roommates were trying to convince me that The Cure was the most depressing band. I argued at the time that Alice in Chains were much more of a depressing band. Not that there's anything wrong with this type of band. I think this type of band always has a place in music, just as much as someone like Weird Al does. Both bands have created some of the greatest moody music ever made. And I think it has it's place, for both of these bands are two of my faves, but who do think is the most depressing band?

Which band do you think writes of the darkest material that you like?

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The Doors. Radiohead. Coldplay. The Verve.
The Cure are a good choice.

But you are right that this doesnt have to mean they're a bad band, or the music is 'bad'. Just depressing...

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This is coming from a 'goth' music fan and major Cure fan. Cure are by no means even close to being the most depressing band. They easily have just as many happy pop songs as they have depressing/goth songs. I can barely even agree with people when they say they're a goth band. They definitely have many limitations in that aspect, though 'Faith' is probably the most depressing album I've ever heard.

I'm honestly having a hard time thinking of who I would say is. All of the bands/artists I think of that have the whole "depressing" label on their chests usually make a decent amount of happy/fun type music too. For example:

The Cure
Morrissey/The Smiths
Depeche Mode

Here are some I think stay depressing most of the time:

Radiohead (which is odd, because I've never really thought of them as a depressing band until I was just thinking about it now!!)
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The Smiths
Pink Floyd
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When I was at my most depressed ever all I could stand to listen to was NIN. Everything else was just too damned happy. Then The Fragile was released (right around the time I started on antidepressants...hmmm...) and I found it quite hopeful. So I would have to say pre-The Fragile NIN is depressing. But it's good depressing.

Of course, I find all the boy bands, pop princesses, and the like incredibly depressing...but I don't think that's quite what you meant.
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Joy Division
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Old 07-31-2004, 05:00 AM   #7
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probably Palace Music
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I'd say Pink Floyd. I find a lot of their music thoroughly desolate and depressing. Not melancholic, or bittersweet, or wistful, just plain depressing, in a cynical, alone-in-the-cold-sterile-world kinda way.

Nick Cave has some spectacularly depressing stuff, although some of his songs manage to be both dark -and- hilarious (if you like that sort of pitch-black gallows humour).
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Old 07-31-2004, 09:09 AM   #9
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The most depressing band I know must be Radiohead. I like them, but I can't listen to them at any time, I have to choose carefully when to do it, you know, depending on my mood I can listen to them or not.... I find some of their songs just suicide music. It's like this Coldplay album, Parachutes, I love it, but if you are sad it can help you to feel even more miserable. On the other hand, Coldplay seem to have a balance between their two albums, while Parachutes is dark and sad most of the time, A rush of blood to the head is pure light.

Anyway, any band can be more or less depressing, it all depends on how you feel at the moment of listening to the music. It's very subjective.
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I think Nirvana is depressing. One of the depressing songs ever for me is the unplugged version of All Apologies
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^^^^That is a sad song, I agree. Good, though-I think that's one of the best songs of theirs that I've heard.

Originally posted by yertle-the-turtle
Joy Division
I'd have to agree with this one. After hearing about the lead singer and his seizures and how he died and everything, every time I listen to their songs now, that immediately springs to mind and kinda takes away from the happiness-I just feel so bad for the guy. I like the songs I've heard by this group so far, yeah...but it's definitely not exactly uplifting music.

Also, I've never seen the Cure as depressing, either. Their music's very...odd (in a good way)...but not necessarily depressing. And LOL at the end of indra's post. .

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The Cure. I mean, just listen to the Pornography album. Now that is depressing! On the other hand, songs like "Just Like Heaven", "Close To Me" and "Mint Car" make me very happy.
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Whenever I hear one of those old, moldy Carpenters tunes I want nothing less than a gun to the head. I'm not sure why I find all their songs depressing, but they fill my heart with unease and disdain for everything.

Anything from Johnny Cash's "American" series could qualify as depressing.

NIN is a great choice, as is The Cure.

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Originally posted by u2popmofo
[B]This is coming from a 'goth' music fan and major Cure fan. Cure are by no means even close to being the most depressing band. They easily have just as many happy pop songs as they have depressing/goth songs. I can barely even agree with people when they say they're a goth band. They definitely have many limitations in that aspect, though 'Faith' is probably the most depressing album I've ever heard./B]
I couldn't agree with you more.

For my pick, though, I'd have to choose Radiohead. Looking at my collection now I can't find an actual happy Radiohead song [Anyone Can Play Guitar comes closest, I think]...but that's not a bad thing in the slightest.

Also, Counting Crows have been known to make me cry, though they do have some happier songs.
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NIN's Pretty Hate Machine
Most Pink Floyd
Johnny Cash

and the original Life Completely F' ing Sucks music --

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