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The McClymont Sisters, Music Class, david bowie avatar etc....

A couple of months ago Gina marie posted about The Corrs. In that thread I mentioned a young girl, Brooke McClymont I had seen in talent quests since she was about 8 years old. She was about to go on tour in the Australian capital cities with Ronan Keating from Ireland.She has just released her first album and it is doing Ok I think.I haven't read any reviews of the concerts or the albums. i hope Ronan liked their work.

Maybe I should take the story back a couple of years ago. Because of a small rurral population and quite drastic funding cuts to public education, my son almost had his heart broken when his high school didn't have enough enrolments to conduct a senior music course.But we are blessed with a wonderful and resourceful principal. (you'd love him Sicy, he is a great ballroom dancer,MrB)He has organised for 3 local high schools to combine their music students. It means the class is run out of school hours so transport is a hassle, but that is how it is.
Anyway my son commenced the course at the beginning of this year. About 9 weeks into the year I was waiting out the front of the school for him and I noticed a young girl come out from the class. I didn't realise she was in his music class. Samantha McClymont, she is Brooke's younger sister. He is so laid back about these things. I was really excited she was going on tour with Ronan Keating, a real break for them I hope.

Anyway, I heard Samantha being interviewed on the radio yesterday. She was at the National Talent Development school's graduation concert In Sydney. She has been attending there once a month for a couple of years. She talked about how much she has enjoyed the experience and the hard work, so confident, so eloquent..I am delighted for them. She talked about her love of songwriting. They had recorded her live performance of her own song yesterday and played it on the radio.
I caught a few lines from her interview I 'd like to's so sweet.AND me being me, I just LOVE her little U2 reference(unintentional I think, but still, little wonders)

Interviewer: what is it about? is it a love song?

Sam: Oh it''s got a bit of love in there, don't they all? It's about a guy saying he... it's called "You've Got Her", he has someone but he's telling you he has feelings for YOU TOO. It's just hard , isn't it...ahh, life at 16"

SHE IS ONLY !6!!!So much talent and potential. I don't know them personally that well really, just an audience member who is hopeful of their possiblilities.

And my new avatar(hopefully it will remain for a long time, this time) I have been a a Bowie fan for yonks. I was wearing that shirt when i read the news about the Electrical Storm being on the BBC ...all the electric excitement....a beautiful day.So there 'tis!!ELECTRICAL...wonderful!!

Anyway, the McClymont sisters. They are fairly country orientated and at this stage are saying that is just how they wish to remain, but anything could happen , they are so young. I hope you hear them on your radio one day. Brooke did a recording, some sports theme or other , with Garth Brookes a couple of years ago.

Anyway blah blah from proud music loving woman.
I wish the 3 and #1 singles

GIRLPOWER, sisters, friends..just wanted to share
and LOL at my son, you have to admit she is pretty.

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well you won't be able to admit that...if you can't see her, now will you?

Samantha, Molly and Brooke
You heard it here first!!!
U Gotta believe...believe in the power of
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