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The Information

So today I purchased Beck's latest LP The Information via the iTunes Music Store.

First of all, it only cost my 12 bucks, and features the full 15-track album, as well as a bonus remix, and 15 music videos, one for every track on the album. I haven't watched the videos yet, but I don't expect anything mindblowing, but it will probalby be cool to have the option of playing the videos in the background instead of just the music. Overall, an odd, but very cool means of distributing an album.

My initial impressions of the album are generally positive, but not fantastic. It was the same way for every Beck album I've ever listened to though, the first listen is always a little "off", before the album really opens up for me. The only exception to the rule I think was Midnight Vultures, but that's just because that album fucking rawks.

I will say that I already like it much more than Guero, which is an album I still can't get into, despite repeated attempts at cracking it. I'm going to try again later tonight, but I don't expect a revelation anytime soon.

The Information is a bit of a hodge-podge of styles, but not in an Odelay kind of way. It's got a conhesive (and incredibly slick) production, thanks to the good man Nigel Godrich, but I can hear echoes of Mellow Gold, Odelay, Midnight Vultures, and even a smidge of Sea Change in the songs. The album manages to maintain its own unique flavor though. This might be Beck's least immediately accessable album, despite my not being able to crack Guero yet, though I think that just has more to do with Guero not being up to par with Beck's talent.

More to come once I watch the accompanied videos and listen a few more times.

Beck - The Information

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I love the song, "Nausea".

I saw them do it on SNL and it souded way better live.

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I did see that, and it is better live. I really want to see a Beck concert as soon as possible. He's one groovy sonnuvabitch.
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And I picked up Guero for six dollars at Half Price Books today.

What a Beck-filled day.
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