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Uhhh, dunno...I know Trigger and Trigger Jr are!

Look...look what you've done to me...You've made me poor and infamous, and I thank you...

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Thanks for pointing out this thread, Miss MacPhisto! I love Man O'War. I can't call myself a big racing fan, I don't normally follow it much and there are a number of things about racing I really dislike, but there's some great stuff about it too, and I'm just an all-round horse lover. Have you read Walter Farley's book about Man O'War? It's an account of his life written as a novel--the main character is a fictional groom who's with him from his birth. It is a really great book, I just read it again recently. I like it more than his Black Stallion books.

Secretariat is so beautiful too--those would have been great races to see. Apparently after Secretariat died and they did an autopsy, they found that his heart was a third larger than that of most other horses. It was a perfectly healthy heart, just very large. They thought that might have something to do with why he was so great

Although I don't know a huge amount about horse racing, I would agree that Man O'War was probably the greatest ever because in those days they had heavier iron shoes instead of the lighter aluminum shoes, the tracks are now faster, plus, he didn't just beat most of the horses he ran against, most of them hardly even gave him a run for his money. He was just so far superior. Wonder how fast he'd go if he was around today with the advantages they have now.

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Originally posted by zooropamanda:
isnt phar lap stuffed somehwere?
Yes...he is lying on my rug, i use him to put my feet up.

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My dad was at the Derby when Secretariat won...
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Oh Miss Mac, Miss Mac, we must chat sometime! I think I might have spoken to you once or so in chat many moons ago (do you take hunter/jumper lessons, by chance?). Look me up on IM sometime....enterangell.
I am a huge horse racing nut--or I used to be anyway. Haven't had time (or reason) to follow much in the past several years. I, too am waiting for another superhorse. Its been 24 years since the last Triple Crown was won, and I'm wondering how long it will be before we see another. I'm beginning to think our hope lies with Bob Baffert--he's awesome!
I agree that Man O'War is the greatest of all time, simply because he was not only great on the track, but could reproduce his gift (unlike Secretariat who delivered disappointingly little). War Admiral won the Triple Crown, and Clyde Van Dusen was the last gelding to win the Derby in 1929 (actually--didn't one win recently? can't remember). I love Secretariat though--he was gorgeous. A physiological freak, but gorgeous--and what a personality! He won the Triple in unmatched style, the first in a quarter of a century (which I think contributred greatly to his "superhorse" status). I want to get a copy of the Time mag that he made the cover of!

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