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The "Dark Shadows" appreciation thread....

Ahhhhh yes....

As a young girl growing up in the 1960's, an integral part of my life was racing home after school to immerse myself in the lives (and I say that of the Collins family.

Actually, Barnabas Collins the vampire was my first crush at the tender age of 6....heehee - how HANDSOME he was.....and Jonathan Frid doesn't look too bad now either.....

I've recently acquired some episodes on VHS thru and its so much fun to see the show again from a grownup perspective. I remember it frightened me so much as a kid (and I LOVED it), and I thought that it was so dramatic and serious. Only now can I appreciate how campy it was - even though all the actors really worked hard and were very good at what they did.

Watching the episodes now, I notice all the small flaws in the production - such as flubbed lines, obvious special effects, cameras entering frames, etc.....but I have to say that, for its time, Dark Shadows was very bold and innovative.

Highlights of the series for me were as follows:

1. The 1795 flashback where Victoria Winters goes back in time and we're told the story of how Barnabas became a vampire.
2. The love/hate relationship between Barnabas and Angelique (EXPERTLY portrayed by the lovely Lara Parker) - TV's first super-couple.....albeit a STRANGE one....
3. The tragic love story between Barnabas and Josette, whom he was supposed to marry until Angelique manipulated her into marrying someone else......a story that ultimately ended in Josette's suicide....*sniff*.

In short, I truly loved that show and it remains one of my fondest childhood memories.

You can check out Dark Shadows at or at

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh sweet memories! I can relate to you and your childhood memories as I have the same! Every day after school as soon as I would get home my mother would be watching Dark Shadows! So I started at an early age watching! I LOVED Barnabas! And Angelique was so beautiful, I wanted to be her! When I got older I'd catch repeated episodes on cable channels and would laugh at the black and white and at the production flaws! It's funny what scared us as kids we can laugh at now but with the fondest of memories!

I wasn't aware there were episodes available on VHS! I'll have to check that out on Amazon, so thanks so much for the tip! Dark Shadows was indeed a very different show at the time of its debut on television!
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