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Old 07-28-2002, 07:16 PM   #1
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The best weekend I've had in ages (my girl, K19, College, Goldmember, and Weezer)

Woooooooooow. I had such a great weekend (until work today).

Thursday. Jenn and I decided to go see K-19 since our local theatre stopped showing Minority Report. We could have driven about 50 miles to see it, but I had to be at work that afternoon, so we went for K-19. And it was a very good movie. Although I can't say I remember all the scenes. There were parts I didn't exactly um... watch.. but you know.

So that night I get off of work early, come home, and sleep. Because the next morning I'm off to... College orientation! Yeah, I was nervous as hell, but things went really well. There was only one other declared English major, I was a little shocked. But the nervousness faded after I took my placement tests. I tested out of all required math classes and two levels of Spanish... so I have no math in College, yeaaaaaaaaah. I won't have my schedule for a few weeks though.

That night I got back, and I couldn't get ahold of Jenn, so I decided to go out and see Goldmember on my own. That movie was a f****** riot, man. There were some slow spots after the grrrreat intro, but once the movie picked up... it was easily the best laugh I've had in ages. Several jokes that picked up where the last movie left off, but still good. Also, Michael Caine's portrayal of Nigel Powers was brilliant. "I got a viagra stuck in my throat so my neck's been stiff for hours." Great stuff. And the return of the sharks with the frickin' laser beams!

Alright, fast forward to the next day. I'm anxious, because I can't wait to leave on the three plus hour drive to Columbia to see WEEZER. I email Jenn, and then we leave. We pick up my friend Derek, and he and I do our usual chatting on the way up, and get there nice and early to get nice seats on the grass(wouldn't have been too much more to get inside of the pavilion, but we still had dead center stage, and much closer than I got to U2 either time). Sparta was good, Dashboard Confessional wasn't quite as whiny as I expected... but holy shitake mushrooms WEEZER ROCKED BEYOND MY WILDEST EXPECTATIONS. I can't possibly explain the feelings I got at the concert. It matched my U2 concert experiences, just in a different way. It was much more fun I suppose, the music is of less weighty subject matter. But they played a set consisting of a lot of Blue album and Pinkerton, a few songs off of the most recent releases. And these boys can kick it live. Rivers deadpan humor rocks. Anyway, they closed with a 15 minute version of "Only in Dreams", and it was ethereal. I wish Jenn could have been there though, I can only imagine the moment shared with her... but anyway, it was great.

Then today I went back to work. GRRRR.... but I did have a nice long convo with Jenn. Anyway, I'm out, later everyone.

P.S.- for those who care, in no particular order, (except the first song and last three) here is what the Weez played.

Undone-the Sweater Song
Hash Pipe
No One Else
American Gigalo
Island in the Sun
Buddy Holly
In the Garage
No Other One
Butterfly (Full band electric)
Burndt Jamb
Falling For You
Dope Nose
Surf Wax America
The Good Life
Only in Dreams

P.P.S.- Mad props to Weezer for changing their setlist radically every night. I've heard they actually use dice to randomly select the songs. Great for the hardcore fans to always get something different.

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Now that's what I like to read in here!

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GOod for you man!

I am glad to see stories like this one in here. SOrry you had to work but I bet you still feel like you are on cloud 9 anyway.

Thanks for the movie info, I will have to go see Goldmember soon.

And thanks for all of the Weezer stuff bro too

I still haven't gotten thier cd yet but I will soon. They are up there with the Chilli Peppers and No Doubt in my book of faves

Take care
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She's a lucky girl, I must say

Yes, Austin Powers was very funny

I'm sure you'll do very well in college

:lemon: :lemon: :lemon:

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sounds like a great weekend! mine was B-O-R-I-N-G
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i heart weezer

Yep, they do the dice thing. When we saw them last week they only did a couple of songs off Maladroit!

I'm so happy to hear things are going well, Jason!

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