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Old 03-04-2002, 06:48 PM   #16
Bono's Belly Dancing Friend
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You are either a Wild Cat or a Weasel personality. But you may also be a Peacock personality.


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Rock n' Roll Doggie
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You are either a Beaver or a Sheep personality.
But you may also be a Dog personality.


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I think I'm a deer!!!
I dunno know, i see some of my own traits in many of these animals. And no single one fits me that closely. Oh well! I guess I'm just a freak!

This beautiful and delicate creature is a prime example of a prey species, and with few defenses(not really true of me) other than its nimble mind and agile body, it must be constantly on the lookout for danger.

Best known for their highly-strung and skittish behavior, deer are shy and demure. Because their coquettish behavior is rooted in deeply buried insecurities, they are drawn to the entertainment industry as actors and models -- for by hiding behind the mask of characters they find temporary refuge from painful elements in their own lives (VERY TRUE!!!!!). The deer's quest for a balanced life goads it into wildly emotional searches, and stability may take the form of solitude or a relationship. But more often than not, sanctuary is found in its strong spiritual beliefs.

As a deeply spiritual person with strong religious convictions(not really true), the deer spends much time in the company of like-minded individuals( not true). Deer are also habitual people-watchers and enjoy nothing better than quietly ruminating while the world goes by(not true). The outdoors is where they feel most comfortable(not really true) and they appreciate the freedom of wide open spaces where their graceful movements and love for music can express themselves(very true!).

When it comes to their work, they are not known for their stability -- often changing jobs while looking for a long-term careers(true) -- in part because their relationships with their bosses are difficult(not always true). Most bosses are larger, predatorial animal personalities and proximity to lions, warthogs and bears make them nervous. Unless they are a member of a large team of workers, the resulting tensions cause problems.

Maintaining a friendship with a deer can be hard work, for its highly-strung constitution requires constant reassurance. Deer will readily confide in close friends but prefer talking to those with whom they connect on a spiritual level; including clergy and psychics. Unfortunately, by relying too heavily on the support of others, they fail to develop their own self-help mechanisms

Constructive criticism is only acceptable if it comes from a loving partner, for the fragile deer is easily wounded. And no one should ever try to change a deer's behavior without considerable experience in psychology or diplomacy.

Careers and Hobbies
Dancer Actor
Social worker Secretary
Retail clerk Athlete

Dancing Hiking
Gymnastics Aerobics

Famous Deer
Elizabeth Taylor, Sean Young.

This really doesnt suit me as i am so hot tempered and mischievous and all.
I may also be a Cottontail or wildcat . If i change the answers a bit, i get a shrew or sea otter!

Look...look what you've done to me...You've made me poor and infamous, and I thank you...

My name is MISS MACPHISTO...I'm tired and i want to go HOME...

"Well you tell...Bonovista,that i said hello and that my codename is Belleview" - Bono before opening night of Anaheim Elevation concert

Well tonight thank God it's them, instead of you...

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The Fly
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snake, mountain goat, or bat
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Paper Gods
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Genera and species: Panthera Tigris
Collective Term: A bolt of tigers

Tigers are handsome and powerful people with an innate self-confidence and elegance. There's a sense of immediacy and an aura of electricity that surrounds it, and when it walks into a room, something always seems about to happen. Consider the classic tiger personality of F. Lee Bailey. He expresses himself with the confidence of one who expects his orders to be unquestionably followed, and his autocratic style demands respect and commands fear. For once a tiger has found its groove, it focuses on its goal with a brightly burning intensity. Male tigers, when out of their element, are sometimes mistaken for beefcake. But when you see them in their offices wearing their power suits, you realize that you're dealing with incisive, authoritarian individuals.

As a nocturnal hunter the tiger is equipped with a great deal of street sense. Able to read people's motivations and assess situations quickly, it is blunt and to the point, commanding attention with just a whisper or a raising of its eyebrow. It demands respect and commands fear. Unlike their cat relatives, tigers enjoy sports of all kinds, with a particular affinity for water sports. They are often seen in the company of river dolphins and sea lions on a casual and socially limited basis.

With a need to dominate their partners, their passionate advances can often be too intense for those fainthearted partners, so they must choose their lovers wisely. Because of their propensity for solitude, they avoid long-lasting relationships and place little value on fidelity -- proving to be unsettled and promiscuous.

Marry it? Yes. Tame it? Never! It's hard to put one's finger on why the tiger struggles to settle down, but one theory has it that the tiger views marriage as a threat to its independence. But their emotional detachment should not be confused with a desire to avoid intimacy; for intimacy is the tiger's greatest sensual tool. By offering its lover its deeply held secrets, it adds another dimension of eroticism to its lovemaking.

However, those tigers that have been married for a while will tell you that matrimony can be quite agreeable. Perhaps then, it's their impossible search for the perfect partner that keeps them on the prowl, although more than likely, we'll never understand the dark forces that frame its fearful symmetry.

Careers and Hobbies
Trial Lawyer

Action movies
Fine clothes

Famous Tigers
Jack Nicholson, Ted Nugent, F. Lee Bailey, James Bond, Tiger Woods.
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this is totally the coolest thing Ive ever seen!!

I'm either a bat or an otter, I think the bat might suit me a little better

You make yourself vulnerable to change in your life. But in the end, you've got to become the change you want to see in the world.
-the B-man

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I'm either a Beaver or an Owl.


Beavers are the workaholics of the animal world.

No animal personality places more emphasis, nor derives more self-esteem than beavers do from their careers. Organized and structured, their determined attitudes spill over into all aspects of their busy lives and they plan for the future almost unconsciously. Decisions made regarding their relationships, careers and families are methodically and practically prepared, and they are most comfortable at work or ensconced in their fastidiously decorated homes. In their spare time, beavers love to busy themselves around the house or tend their precisely manicured lawns.

The beaver is an eager lover and its relationships seem to survive the most difficult challenges, for once a beaver has made a commitment to its partner, it will move water and earth to uphold its promise. They are passionate but hardly imaginative in their lovemaking, for their partners' approval is too important to gamble with risky play. This makes the beaver unique amongst the water mammals who are usually willing to get their feet wet. But, even with their conservative libidos, beavers are still attracted to casual relationships with the free-spirited aquatic dolphins, sea lions, walruses, and otters.

While others are playing, beavers are usually hard at work. They are well prepared for any eventuality and their homes are well stocked with spare water, emergency radios and survival kits. Even the beaver is not sure why it spends such energy in securing its home, but it instinctively feel more comfortable when it does.

Beaver personalities come in all shapes and sizes. Generally in good physical condition, they find time to keep fit even with their busy work schedules. Their conscientious attitudes makes them dependable as friends and a commitment from a beaver is like money in the bank.

Family life is important to beavers although they generally have few offspring. As parents, they are predictably reliable but fight a tendency to be over-controlling. By keeping a close eye on their children's progress in school, their offspring are under constant pressure to perform to the beavers' high level of expectation. As they grow older, children are expected help with supporting the family.

Beavers are patient listeners although they rarely follow advice. While they might confide in a close friend about personal issues, they usually choose to internalize their feelings instead. And a beaver wouldn't dream of confronting someone with whom it has a problem. It would much rather blow off steam by complaining behind their backs or by punishing them in subtle ways.


The owl is the tranquil face of the bird personalities. A creature of great integrity, its quiet serene demeanor accords it an air of mystery and diffidence and it is known as the serene, wise observer of human society. Always well groomed, it is a noble individual with elegantly chiseled features that borders on the fine edge of beauty and homeliness. It's large eyes are often framed by handsome eyeglasses.

But like all birds, the owl has a penchant for remaining above the fray and can be quite eccentric in maintaining their individuality. With a tendency to lose themselves in the pursuit of knowledge, owls are prone to disconnect with the relationships that are so important to them. But, they are the first to admit their shortcomings and manage to disarm their critics with a genuinely humble self-appraisal. Abraham Lincoln used this technique rather effectively in his reign as president.

Owls have developed quite a reputation for intelligence but it's really their calm and insightful nature that gives this impression. Instead of an intellectual approach to life they use their deeper spiritual senses to guide them, and like their nocturnal cohort the bats, have a deeply philosophical bent.

Unlike the terrestrial creatures, the owl is not a prisoner of its sex-drive, but with its air of refined sensuality is hardly shy about throwing itself into the physical aspects of a relationship. When it focuses its sharp ardor on its lover it ignites a steamy and animated encounter. The owl views sex as a complement to its relationships and certainly not as a key component. It would do well to recognize the significance of physical affection outside the bedroom, for its partner is often starved for non-sexual reassurance.

A discussion with an owl is both enlightening and challenging. It somehow manages to spin the most mundane subjects into philosophical musings on the nature of humanity and the state of the world. While these discussions are provocative and engaging, they often obscure the real purpose of communication -- the revealing of one's heart and mind. Take heed, wise owl. Remember that sometimes things are just what they seem!

Experience is something that comes just after you need it.
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Blue Crack Distributor
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Rooster personality. Viddy interesting.

Italians do it better
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Think of Coach Pat Riley when you think of the sable. Cool and confident -- if not a little over-polished -- sables are the most graceful of the herbivorous personalities. With their outstanding physical presence and successful work ethic, they enjoy the universal admiration of colleagues and friends.

There is a downside to this adulation however, for the sable sometimes feels pressured into leadership roles that it has no desire to fill, and even though it's not known to be particularly soft-hearted, it's the first person to offer a hand to someone in need.

Although they are popular individuals, their intimidating presence and impossibly high standards can create an air of arrogance and being unsympathetic with those who cannot keep up with their fast pace, they show little patience for complainers and have no time for prolonged excuses or debate. But a sable is not one to hold a grudge and though offenders are sharply rebuked, they are also quickly forgiven.

In business, sables are admired for their excellent negotiation skills and their ability to make courageous decisions. Because of the ease of which they earn money, they tend to be profligate in their spending habits and don't hesitate to spend money on leisure activities. They fiercely protect their hard earned reputation for integrity, taking pride in their ability to make business deals with just a handshake, but are cautious about giving their trust to others -- further aggravating their reputation for taking themselves too seriously.

The sable is a decidedly sexy partner. Educated and open-minded, it insists on variety in its lovemaking, which ranges from a long night of soft cuddling to a spontaneous over-the-kitchen-counter encounter. Sometimes its libido takes on a more quixotic aspect, involving adventurous fantasies and intricate scenarios. Although the sable is a romantic, it will never be accused of being a syrupy sentimentalist. It showers its lover with compliments and praise, but always manages to keep a sincere tone to its flattery. The stable sable often chooses to live with its partner before committing to a life of monogamy, and by bringing all its worldly experience to the union, the marriage is almost certain to succeed.

Careers and Hobbies
Financier Stockbroker
Manager CEO

Fast cars Team sports
Fine art Music

Famous Sables
Liam Neeson, Ralph Fiennes, Brooke Shields, Pierce Brosnan, George Washington.


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