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Old 11-12-2002, 04:38 AM   #1
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the 7 little Wonders of the World - in what we do.

.7 things I wonder why we do!

....ring to speak to someone, and if they're on a call, ask how long they'll they'd know!

.....laugh at pple who slip and fall on ice, when really they could be seriously injured..

.....curse at old pple, who are in the way when they walk slow, when really they cannot help it...

.....make fun of someone in the way they are, when really, someone could be making fun of us...

....act all smiles and a bit flirty with pple we fancy instantly, when they really dont wanna know...

....see pple we aint seen in a long time and promise to get in touch, when really, we don't..... about/or wonder about someone's strange habits, when someone could be wondering about our own!....

Well, that life, thats natural, its what happens......................

But - I wonder why..................

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Re: the 7 little Wonders of the World - in what we do.

Originally posted by mad1
....see pple we aint seen in a long time and promise to get in touch, when really, we don't.....

I'm the worst when it comes to this....I run into people I haven't seen in a while and I promise to get in touch and I never do. Or the opposite happens I give someone my # or email and they promise to get in touch with me and never do

I guess that's Karma at play huh?

"....But all I ever hear from you is "
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there you go again...I like it!!

when I first heard about the internet and the idea of websites...I had a vision.!! another one!
I would have a site and call it Lots of room for flexibilty in that name.
And I have been trying to find a tape of a musician I once listened to a lot , way back when Adam was a boy... Rodriguez "Cold Fact" he had a song called "I Wonder."

Not too many answers forthcoming here I'll rave on about me eh?
The girls fell apart laughing when I told them your nickname for me...loveth it The music students are launching their CD tonight...the big Official one with DaBosses there, checking out where their $$go. The album is called "Cocktail"not very good this year...shhhhhh They were such a vague bunch this year they didn't confirm with the venue, and the band with the 2 Irish lads who play U2 songs are performing there as well...a great big schmozzle hub reckons, but it would be an opportunity to see Pennyblack..... but I'll behave and stay home. Seems like they must live in the area, so I'll give you a report one day.**cass polishes her U2covers police badge** Inspector MBB 2U.

oh gosh ..someone said karma....I got a rave about that from someone the other day. it was brilliant , about not protecting people and letting karma have it's way with them. News to me.
So you and your 7 wonders post. I do lotsa wondering myself. To try and give a broad answer to all seven?
you used the world "natural"...yeah human nature, fear, ignorance, competition, damn relieved it's not us,....hmmmmmthat's more than 7
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