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Old 12-29-2002, 01:22 PM   #16
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Fritz Carlton - hmm, it does remind of the Carlton hotels. Nope.

Secret Masons - interesting, how about just the word Secret alone?

Deadbear to me sounds like some heavy metal band. Nope.

Reign - interesting, but maybe a bit pushy for a new band? (could come off as too arrogant)

Cry Havoc - hmmm, too violent. What's this band, Satanist cult followers or something?

Creed -

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Old 12-29-2002, 02:21 PM   #17
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me being a gardener and all

I had to pop into the Shawsy yesterday and check out this band briefly...just because I thought their name was clever.

Savage Beer Gardeners

so a name can make a difference. They were OK at what they were doing, Sunday arvo pub blues/rock...old blokes. I suppose you would have to be aware of another Australian band "Savage Garden" to get the joke.
PS: I put $2 in the mermaid pearls this time, but $20. Thanks U2, it all helps.
Latest idea from a new/old Johnny Cash song I have just discovered "Psycho Hillbilly Cadillacs"

Back to the original list.
fritz carlton - it reminds me of Michael Hutchence a bit he died at the Ritz Hotel @ Carlton in Melbourne The Ritz Carlton as it is known.
and Cry Havoc reminds me of a book "Cry Freedom".... Africa and Braveheart.
**cass pokes JS**..U still awake?

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Old 12-29-2002, 03:47 PM   #18
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What about something like "Havoc Lips" or "Havoc Sneakers"? That's kind of weird and punky.

Or why not just admit it once and for all, and go with Deathbear?
and you hunger for the time
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Join Amnesty.
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Old 12-31-2002, 12:47 PM   #19
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Call your band Creeed. Or if you're into irony.. cred.
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Old 01-07-2003, 01:53 PM   #20
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I am crushed...would that make it The Black Crushed Velvet Band?

I was ( once again) digging thru a bargain bin of El cheapo Cd's and found an Australian band called "The Black Velvet Band"
Oi...that's my name!!! I made it up when I was about 14. How dare they? Ahhh well, I'm not likely to use it. I give it to them I know they exist.

Hub was looking for some old papers the other day amd found his school diary...not much referring to school, but he is a list keeper, thank goodness. I found it interesting.
He thought his first band was called Oasis and he was 17. But he had carefully listed band -name, venue, hours worked etc in his diary.
He was 16 and had his second ever gig on the same day my eldest sister was married. I said I wished he had played at the wedding, but I was only 9 years old, so that may have been tricky.
His first band was called "The End" the beginning was the end!
He also briefly had a band "called "concrete wellingtons" teehee
He's getting a new band together at the his age he is going to be much more discerning about who he plays with. I hope I get a say in the name...this time?
I thought of a good one a few days ago...hmmmm and now it's gone. I should write them down. What was it?
nope...gone forever.
I had my 3rd ever U2 dream last night...a long drive in a vauxhall with edge at the wheel....
and go on wid ya, smartypantses..i can see it put an "l" onto it...hmm, so that's no good either. Back to the drawing board.
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Old 01-07-2003, 04:05 PM   #21
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Or if you're into irony.. cred.

heh heh heh

i love it...

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